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Facebook being used to monitor workers

Author: Rob
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Now that the internet has become such a powerful tool for communication things have changed drastically. There are many benefits to communicating so easily, including the fact that you can have video conferences with people from the other side of the world, you can exchange data easily and you can even get messages while you are in your car thanks to the mobile internet devices.

When the web 2.0 came out we all felt so happy that we could keep in touch with friends and family all within the same platform. Facebook has provided the ultimate place for networking and it has expanded the way in which we interact online, but there are now some problems that come from this technology. We are slowly losing our privacy and the biggest issue is that some companies, including the one I work at, are now asking people to accept friend requests from a person in the human resources department. This is not being legally implemented as an order, but if you decline the invitation, they will very likely put you on their black list.

I have heard of many people who have lost their job because of Facebook related incidents, but this actually makes me think that having a Facebook account is no longer such a great idea. I try to be very private about my Facebook and I never do stupid things like always letting everyone know my location and any information that could be used by criminals, but now I’m not so sure about having this human resources person monitoring me through my social page. There should be a law that protects employees from this kind of privacy breach. I don’t even know if this has been legally implemented as a requirement in some companies, but it should remain an option and in the best case it shouldn’t even be requested.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Big league wake up call Rob. Many feel Facebook is some sanctuary. Nope. All can be held up for public record. Employers are cagey. If you want to share or rant or do something silly, do it in person, away from anybody who would out you lol.....


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