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Facebook: Privacy Concerns

Facebook Privacy

Research from the University of Vienna, which was attended by over 600 people, found that the amount of Facebook users that leave the social network due to concerns about the lack of privacy, dissatisfaction and some other reasons, has increased gradually in the last few years.

The largest social networking site, Facebook, has suffered in recent months the loss of about 11 million users who have deactivated their accounts, fearing the lack of privacy. An analysis obtained through study by a company named “SocialBakers” revealed that more than nine million people in the U.S. and around two million in Britain removed their profiles after committing a “virtual identity suicide” in the past year.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” published the results of the earlier mentioned investigation of the University of Vienna, which concluded that the users are abandoning the social network in masses due to many reasons, unsatisfactory privacy settings topping the list. Concerns about the lack of privacy were argued by 48.3 percent of respondents, 13 percent claimed that they fled Facebook for general dissatisfaction, whereas 12.6 percent gave pointless and superficial online conversations as a reason. Also, the fear of becoming addicted to this network was cited by six percent of the respondents. In addition, the investigation revealed that users were predominantly leaving Facebook.

The website, created by American Mark Zuckerberg, came in 2013 to 1.11 billion followers and has been translated into almost 70 languages. However, at present, a reverse phenomenon is being observed, and more users are quitting Facebook, falsifying information, or using pseudo nicknames in order to protect their personal information and privacy.

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