16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations [Infographic]

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Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Front Porch Ideas Entrance

Go big, bold and stylish with your outdoor festive decorations. Our infographic shows that you don’t have to smother your house in tacky lights to create a magical look that will make your home stand head and shoulders above the rest in your neighbourhood.

Using the less-is-more approach, giant baubles, large, beautifully wrapped gift boxes or miniature Christmas trees can be placed outside your front door to show that you have your finger on the pulse of chic festive style. Light up your path with large coloured candle bulb style lights for a chic, modern approach to outdoor Christmas décor, or maybe make your own tree by up-cycling wooden palettes.

Our infographic shows some wonderful ways to use twinkly lights in a subtle, yet spectacular way. Use your hanging baskets, patio table or have contemporary designed festive trees or reindeer to add a decorative touch of amazing winter white without going overboard!

Having outdoor decorations during the festive season continues to gain popularity, the trend is now to stop wasting energy with millions of flashing lights and to choose decorations that make a show-stopping visual impact.

Be inspired to embrace the new trends by using or adopting one or more of these fabulous ideas.

16 Fabulous Outdoor Christmas Decorations [Infographic]

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(Without tacky lights)

  1. Enormous Christmas baubles give a more refined sophisticated look.
  2. Christmas deer on the front lawn is becoming ever more popular, especially if you want to get away from covering your house in lights.
  3. We love these giant presents wrapped in traditional Christmas colours.
  4. These large natural wood spheres are given a Christmas makeover simply by adding a few lights. A subtle addition to anyone’s front garden or entrance way.
  5. Make the most of the style of your home and dress to impress with traditional swags and wreaths.
  6. Make a simple fir tree shape out of an old palette and hang pretty coloured baubles on it — very original.
  7. Large outdoor planters make an ideal place to create a stunning Christmas display.
  8. Putting little lights and filling with silver stars gives your hanging basket a new lease on life.
  9. Use oversized baubles to hang from a tree in your garden.
  10. White buckets filled with snow, artificial if it doesn’t snow, to hold clear glass candle holders is an effective way of giving the outside of your home some festive touches.
  11. A row of decorated miniature Christmas trees on a windowsill is a wonderful way to decorate the outside of your home.
  12. Giant coloured tree light bulbs are ideal for decorating your front path.
  13. Red Wellington boots filled with green plants embrace the colours of Christmas beautifully.
  14. A string net of lights draped over your outdoor table will make a wonderful ‘table cloth’ for a large urn filled with large silver baubles.
  15. ‘Chrismy’ trees by Teresa Sapey make a real outdoor style statement.
  16. Give your porch or entrance way a Shabby Chic Christmas vibe with a few carefully chosen objects that are quintessentially festive.

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