European Reverendum [Infographic]

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Polling Day EU Referendum

The United Kingdom has been in news quite lately, the reasons being its decision to leave the European union, on June 23rd the voting for this refenendum would take place. But what does that mean, for Britain, and the other European countries? That’s a big question since it would affect major businesses in UK and other European countries.

In the following infographic we focus on the motor industry which is going have major impact with this decision. We have included what the major players in the motor industry have to say about this referendum, the importance of the motor industry to Britain and also let you know what the head of each campaign (Boris Johnson, and David Cameron) have to say, regarding what would happen to the motor industry, if Britain decides to leave the European Union.

Since the UK is about to make one of the most important decision regarding its political future, we thought it was important to show you the situation of motor industry. Our infographic gives an unbiased and pure view of the industry that have been reported, and the bare facts about the industry, and its importance to Britain. According to The Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders (SMMT), 77% of members say remaining in Europe is best for their business. Big car makers such as Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Jaguar are in favor to remain in the EU. But there are some brands such as Volkswagen, and Aston Martin that believe they would not get affected if decision goes either way. We hope that our infographic gives you brief insights about the referendum, so that when someone asks you what’s fuss about this ‘Brexit’ you would have an answer.

European Reverendum [Infographic]

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Before the UK goes to the polls, we look at what the motoring industry is saying about the referendum and what areas of the UK would be most affected.


According to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 77% of members say remaining in Europe is best for their business.


The top three stated than that positive benefits of being in the EU were:

  • 77% IN
  • 14% NOT SURE
  • 8% OUT

Access to EU Automotive Markets 66%

Access to a skilled workforce 55%

Ability to influence industry regulations 53%



“We firmly believe Britain would be better off if it remained an active and influential member of the EU.” – BMW

No. of employees in UK: 8,000

“It’s really important for the U.K. to be part of a (E.U.) single market and that having the U.K. as part of a reformed E.U. is in the best interests of the U.K.” – FORD

No. of employees: 14,000

EU “makes the most sense for jobs, trade, and costs.” – NISSAN

No. of employees in UK: 8,000

Aston Martin issued a statement saying that employees should feel no pressure from Aston Martin to vote either way. – ASTON MARTIN

No. of employees in UK: 1,800

“We believe continued British membership of the E.U. is best for our operations and their long term competitiveness.” – TOYOTA

No. of employees in UK: 3,500

Brexit would be “much more serious for UK than for the rest of Europe.” – MERCEDEZ BENS

No. of employees: 3,400

Have said that, if Britain were to leave, operations would carry on as normal. – VAUXHALL

No. of employees in UK: 35,000


  • 77% of all UK produced cars exported
  • 57.5% of all UK vehicle exports are destined for the continent

Cars are the second most popular consumer export from the UK in terms of annual export value.

Chemicals £52bn Cars £24.8bn Planes & Spacecraft £24.7bn Art £11.3bn Medical Devices £4bn


A comparison between the automotive industry to the other UK manufacturing sectors.

Sector : People Employed : Turnover

British Aerospace 111,000 £29bn

Defense 146,000 £22bn

Chemicals & Pharmaceutical 158,000 £60bn

Automotive 161,000 £64.1bn

Electronics 800,000 £78bn

Which regions benefit the most from vehicle manufacture?


£16 to 19bn

£12 to 15bn

£8 to 11bn

£4 to 7bn

£0 to 3bn



Boris Johnson

“Leading car manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, and Nissan have made it clear they will continue to invest in the UK after we Vote Leave. They are attracted by our highly skilled workforce, strong legal system, and business-friendly environment – all qualities we will continue to have outside the EU. But what would be different is that leaving the EU means we could take back control of our trade policy – to ensure that car manufacturers can trade freely with the growing economies of the world.”


David Cameron

“Leaving the EU, and the single market of 500 million people, would be disastrous for the British car industry, risking jobs, threatening exports, and hitting consumers. The significance of our membership is undeniable: UK-to-EU car exports were worth £11.8bn in 2014 and 40 per cent of cars made here were exported to the EU, while over 730,000 UK jobs depend on the motoring industry.”






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