Environmentally Friendly Packaging [Infographic]

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Save the Environment By Using Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Whether an ecommerce seller or a physical shop owner, no one can surpass the ethical and environmental responsibilities. Escaping these responsibilities does not attract legal glitches, but can lead to immense bad reputation for a company. In today’s competitive market scenario, bad reputation is probably the last thing that an ecommerce owner would want to possess. To become environment friendly and to support green movements, ecommerce sellers are always in advantageous positions, as ecommerce helps reducing paper works to a large extent. What about packaging of the products that have been ordered by customers? Packaging plays important role for a business, as it is considered as a tool for branding. It should be effective and attractive, but at the same time it should support the green movement.

So, here are some tips for environment friendly packing boxes UK for ecommerce business owners. Follow the tips that are provided below:

1. Reviewing Packagingless

Before jumping into any conclusions or to bring technologies as well as methodical changes in packaging system, you should consider reviewing your current method of packaging carefully. A fine audit will let you know the possible environment risks that your company is posing towards environment during packaging the products. Based upon your auditing results, you have t make a decision carefully.

2. Engaging Creativity

Creativity is the best method to bring a revolution. Rather following the preset guidelines or norms, it is always better to look for something more viable and attention grabbing. Creative packaging concept enhances your brand recognition credibility. On the other hand, it could possibly set an innovative environment friendly packaging trend that would be adopted by others too.

3. Give Importance to inside the Box

For the safety of goods inside, thick padding is a common thing in product packaging. To make the inside padding more environment friendly, you can use Styrofoam, which is non-sustainable, though made from petroleum. Recycled papers or bio-degradable wrapping bubbles can also be used.

4. More Greener Means Cost-effectiveness

Adopting green policies may look unconventional at the very first look, but it can prove to be cost-effective to a large extent. For example, using bubble wrap is highly cost convenient, when it comes to bulk packaging.

5. Put Stress on Recycling

To become environment friendly with packaging, there is no substitution of recycling. Recycling papers and packaging materials will save your cost significantly. But, importantly, it will play a major role in protecting environment.

6. Ship Things Together

For bulk orders from customers, there is no point in going for individual packaging for each product. Instead of that, you must ensure packaging all the stuffs simultaneously. It will save money and also pose lesser harms to environment.

7. Lower down Paperwork

The more you can lower down paper work in your packaging, the better it will be for the environment. Use email or digital text messages to send invoices to clients. If you have to use paper, then consider using smaller sizes of paper to reduce usage of paperwork.

8. Right Shipping Partner

Choosing the right shipping partner is the key. Find a shipping partner that also promotes green movement.

9. Spread Awareness among Customers

Awareness can bring green revolution. If you are using creative and environment friendly methods for packaging, always provide instructions to buyers on Removal Boxes.

10. Ground or Air?

While air transportation is faster than ground transportation, but air transportation is considered as harming for environment. So, for domestic shipping, always choose ground transportation.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging [Infographic]

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