Employee Appreciation Checklist [Infographic]

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A good set of employees is essential to any successful business. Of course a solid business plan, a good product, and good leadership are all important, but you cannot hope to succeed without a truly stellar set of employees that will give everything towards making the company a success. How do you get such an awesome set of employees? A lot of it is to do with creating a good reputation for your company. If you want to attract the best and brightest in your field, you have to make your company a desirable place to work. How do you do this? By showing due appreciation for the employees that you already have.

To some people, employee rewards programs might seem like an unnecessary waste of time and resources. However, the benefits that come from proper employee appreciation make it more than worth the effort that you put in. Not only does it mean that you will attract the best new hires around, but the more important benefit is that you are more likely to hold onto the employees that you already have. This might seem unimportant, but employee retention is important for any company. It means that you will have to spend less money and resources on hiring and training new employees, and you will also create a greater sense of community in your workplace.

What is more, research has proven that when employees are appreciated and recognized for their hard work, they become more loyal, committed and engaged. So employee appreciation benefits not only your employees, but everyone at the company. Take a look at the following infographic for a handy employee appreciation checklist that includes plenty of unique ideas for how you can better reward your employees.

Employee Appreciation Checklist [Infographic]

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Appreciation Checklist

Appreciation changes everything.

Research has proven when employees are appreciated and recognized for their great work, they become more loyal, committed, and engaged.

Appreciate Frequently. Research shows that employees want some form of recognition every seven days.

Remember the Power of the ‘Thank You’ Note. Taking the time to write a note of thanks has lasting impact.

Make It Timely. Hold the appreciation moment as close to the event that you’re recognizing as possible. If the recognition is not timely, the appreciation starts to lose its value.

Be Specific. General praise is rarely motivating. Spell it out by telling them precisely what they did to earn your appreciation and why. Go into detail of the great work that’s been done.

Recognize Unique Qualities and Make It Personal. After any conversation with a team member, write down information that is significant about each person. Then use this information to add a personal anecdote during recognition.

Share a Story. Storytelling is a powerful way to illustrate how a person lives the company’s values. Highlight attributes that demonstrate the difference they have made.

Invite others to Speak. Get co-workers and senior leaders to participate in the recognition, but don’t stop there. When celebrating 10 years of service or more, be sure to invite family and friends as well.

Prepare your Remarks. Take the time to pull together your thoughts for a meaningful celebration. You can visit iappreciate.com for eCards, printable certificates, presentation tips, and more.

Extend the Appreciation Experience. Once the celebration is over, you want the impact of the experience to live on. Record the event, giving the employee a keepsake to save and share with family and friends.

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