Embrace Your Shoe Fetish [Infographic]

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An Infographic for Shoe Obsession

Sexy Wrap Shoes

This infographic shows how people with a passion for shoes have incorporated them their homes, with a range of gorgeous shoe-stylised furniture and home accessories. Furniture designers have used shoe-forms to make incredible looking pieces that ooze style and sophistication. The infographic showcases a range of products, some professionally made, others the inspiration of creative minds, giving you an insight on how to bring shoes of all shapes, sizes and styles into your home and outdoor living area.

From bespoke office desks to dining room chairs and baths, all modelled on high-heels and stilettos, you will find unique and interesting furniture ideas to help sustain your lust for shoes. If large furniture isn’t suitable for your home be inspired to use actual shoes as decorative pieces to display plants or your speakers.

There are plenty of fabulous ideas included within the infographic. All showing that those with a shoe fetish will go to any lengths to openly display their passion.

Embrace Your Shoe Fetish [Infographic]

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If you love shoes you’ll want to show your passion at every possible opportunity! Simply displaying shoes isn’t enough for many. They want to not only be seen wearing the latest styles and colours, their passion is so strong, they include shoes every which way they can in their homes too.

Dining room chairs fashioned into stilettos is a fabulous way to make your love of shoes be known to everyone who comes into your home.

A chair inspired by shoes will make a great focal point in a room.

A curvaceous and sexy desk for women who ooze chic style.

Using a stiletto as a plant container adds a sense of fun and feminism to a room. Go big, bold, and show some attitude!

A bath tub modelled as a shoe is a must-have for any shoe lover.

Shoes are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do with these whimsical wall decals.

A foot in a black stiletto makes a wonderful coffee table!

This class wooden drinks table will walk into your home in style.

Embrace your passion for sexy shoes and music with this pair of speaker stilettos!

Take your shoe fetish outside with these amazing sun loungers!

Transform your home for less

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