The Effects of Technology in Jobs [Infographic]

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Data Graphic on the Effects of Technology in Jobs

Technology is dominant in the world we live and work in; affecting how productive we can be and how we can access new information. With advanced technology improving every day, jobs are developing globally and investments are redefining the workplace making the future certainly look bright.

The data graphic on the effects of technology in jobs takes a deeper look into how technology is transforming and having an impact on jobs. Between 2012 and 2013 the most improved UK job sectors had IT jobs improving by 4.6%; total vacancies of 72,003 at an average salary of £42,045. Alongside the technology jobs improving were scientific, manufacturing, hospitality, catering, finance and accounting jobs; the most improved jobs sectors in the UK. However, with the positive increase the job market also encountered a decline in jobs in other areas; the UK saw a decline in jobs for the trade, construction, travel, retail, HR and graduate job sector.

When it comes to the impact of technology in UK cities, London is the city to stand out by far. At the beginning of 2014, London had the most technology jobs with 20,618 vacancies at an average salary of £51,480. There is a strong supply of jobs in London and currently 600,000 people are employed on the technological and digital landscape. If you want to work in this city in tech jobs, you may have your work cut out for you though. The data graphic takes a deeper look at the toughest tech companies to work for.

Economically, with much capital being invested into new technologies the workplace can be far more productive in the future. As the internet is being re-defined through browser plugins and software development the workplace will see robots completing jobs quicker. Technology will improve health diagnostics and augmented technology will enable fire fighters to analyse the temperature of a burning building more quickly through enhanced sensors; improving the job at hand.

The use of augmented technology, robots in the workplace and super charged tech investments is just the beginning of the future ahead of us.

The Effects of Technology in Jobs [Infographic]

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The Effects of Technology in Jobs

Most Improved UK Job Sectors by Salary 2012 – 2013

IT Jobs

The technology industry is filled with Iron Men and Women. With 72,003 total vacancies you can work with super technology, robotics, and be a part of a digital revolution.

4.6% Salary % 12 Month Change
Total Vacancies 72,003
Average Salary £42,045

Scientific Jobs

With amalgamated human/Kree physiology Ms Marvel is resistant to most toxins, poisons, and absorbs energy. She can survive in space as can you with the latest space technologies.

4.0% Salary % 12 Month Change
Total Vacancies 9,113
Average Salary £38,110

Manufacturing Jobs

It’s all about skills labour, machines, and tools in this job sector. Super charge yourself like the Green Lantern from the DC Universe with high tech activity that gives you the ability to create solid constructs and analyze targets on a larger scale.

3.9% Salary % 12 Month Change
Total Vacancies 24,346
Average Salary £30,901

Hospitality and Catering Jobs

Matter-Eater Lad (Tenzil Kem) a DC Universe superhero and a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He possesses the power to eat matter in all forms as does the hospitality job sector.

2.2% Salary % 12 Month Change
Total Vacancies 28,492
Average Salary £18,714

Accounting and Finance Jobs

Brainiac has 12th-level intellect with calculation abilities, enhanced memory, and an advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, physics, and other theoretical and applied sciences.

1.9% Salary % 12 Month Change
Total Vacancies 58,497
Average Salary £34,091

Declining UK Job Sectors by Salary

Trade and Construction Jobs

Total Vacancies 25,813
Average Salary £26,782
Salary % 12 Month Change -5.2%

Retail Jobs

Total Vacancies 16,513
Average Salary £20,868
Salary % 12 Month Change -5.1%

Travel Jobs

Total Vacancies 6,651
Average Salary £21,053
Salary % 12 Month Change -4.4%

HR Jobs

Total Vacancies 21,040
Average Salary £26,367
Salary % 12 Month Change -4.1%

Top Highst Paying UK Cities in 2014



LONDON £51,480
READING £43,210
GLASGOW £41,520
BRISTOL £41,329


LONDON 20,618
LEEDS 1,120


ThoughtWorks® 7 interview stages.

Avaya Interviews can last up to 6 hours and you can be interviewed by 8 different people.

Citrix Challenges set with targeted, tactical, and strategic interviewing questions: “What is the role of PDC emulator?”

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600,000 people in London are currently employed in the technological or digital landscape.

16.6% growth in jobs in London between 2009 – 2012.

Technology companies in London grew by 76% from 49,969 to 88,215.


Samsung European Innovation Centre
Samsung joins technology giants Google and Facebook by opening an innovation Centre at Fleet Place in London. Bringing together software, design, and product innovation.

£15.5M Funding Package
The Technology Strategy Board and Prime Minister David Cameron announces a £15.5m funding package to help innovative businesses and start-up growth.

Boost Digital and Computing Technologies
£12.5m into research and development, funding competitions to boost digital and computing technologies across the UK.

New Competitions
Encouraging specialist clusters with three new competitions worth £1m each – helping digital companies develop further into Tech City. Supporting technologies in healthcare in Wales and manufacturing in the North East.

Future High Tech Industry Transport
By 2017, high tech industry transport will create more jobs. A new construction of a railway linking Bedford to Cambridge and new services from Stratford to Stansted and Cambridge.

Future Fifty Programme
Future Fifty program me, a year-long program me for selected high-growth companies will welcome Tech City UK.


Advanced Robotics

  • Robotics tools to complete a job quicker.
  • Enhanced senses and intelligence speeding up a job.
  • Panasonic to produce a robotic powered exoskeleton by 2015. Helping in operational jobs, nuclear power stations and controlling space and the deep sea.


  • Energy-storage technologies advancing to make electric vehicle costs competitive and bring electricity to remote areas of developing countries.
  • ”The nature of work will continue to change, and that will require strong education and retraining programs.” – McKinsey Global Institute

Next-Generation Genomics

  • Ability to manipulate genes and improve health diagnostics and treatments.
  • Andrew Mark Cuomo the 56th governor of New York plans to invest $50 million in genomic medical research, improving nano science industry and jobs.


The Use of Augmented Reality

  • Augmented reality to become integral to office safety and productivity in jobs.
  • Enhancing sensors will allow fire fighters to use augmented reality to analyse temperature of a burning building.
  • Technology in augmented reality has the ability to identify objects quickly that generate levels of heat and radiation – preventing a fire hazard.
  • Augmented reality could be deployed to help direct employees in low-visibility environments.

Robots in the Workplace

  • Linda the robot is a £7.2 million project investment.
  • Robots to be trained as carers and security guards.
  • Robots will patrol corridors for 24 hours a day, providing more continuous surveillance than any human.
  • The University of Lincoln awarded £750,000 to help develop the technology software to process the experiences of robots.

Tech Investments

  • £44 million towards 2 projects to monitor crucial ocean currents in the North Atlantic. Helping meteorologists better predict the weather.
  • £34 million for 4 administrative data research centers and networks that will enable the UK to move ahead in the global technology race.
  • £10 million from the Department for International Development going towards developing countries. Supporting the transfer of technology.
  • £10 million to the University of Southampton to help build infrastructure and new engineering research facilities.


Browser Plugins

Enabling better customisation through the ability to download add-ons or extensions.

  • – A url shortener and reporting tool
  • Chrome Remote Desktop – Technology allowing secure access over the Internet
  • Advanced Responsive Video Embedder – Fast, clean, and easy embedding at a click of a button


Technological tools to simplify things:

  • File Management
    The widespread use of Cloud storage, Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Password Security
    The use of password management services such as KeePass, LastPass, and 1 Password
  • Virtual Meetings
    Improving schedules and meetings globally through the use of voice and video chatting service technologies like Skype and GoToMeeting

Credit: Data Graphic courtesy of the Telegraph technology jobs team.