Education and Technology [Infographic]

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Technology Transformation In The Classroom

Student With iPad Technology in the Classroom

Education is an inviting process of possibility and truth that gives time encourages to discovery.  Education is considered as deliberate, and it allows people to develop their judgment, understanding and enable particular action. Education is the important tool that helps people to balance their life in the proper way. Education prepares peoples for facing and overcoming every challenge that comes in life. Education provides career, economic and social growth to people and their particular country.

Education provides a clear idea to the people to move their step forward in correct direction. Nowadays advancement of technology has helped education proliferation. There are continuous development and research for introducing advanced technologies for making education very interesting, accessible, joyful and easier for every people.

In modern world technology in education has made great advancement with the help of internet, smartphones, social media etc. as it has made teaching process to student very easier and convenient. There was a time when teachers teach their students through their lecture only, but  nowadays teacher uses various technology to teach students such as computer, laptops, tablets etc. This technology has helped teachers to capture the interest of the student in the most active way towards their studies. With the use of technology in education teachers can explain course topic requirement in more elaborate and easier way to students.

In this infographic we have attempted to explain the technique to choose best app.

Education and Technology [Infographic]

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Technology & Education: A Transformation in the Classroom

  • 1890 Chalkboard
  • 1900 Pencil
  • 1930 Projector
  • 1940 Ballpoint Pen
  • 1950 Photocopier
  • 1970 Handheld Calculator
  • 1972 Scantron
  • 1980 Early Computers
  • 1985 Graphic Calculator
  • 1999 Interactive Whiteboard
  • 2010 iPad
  • 2011 Enhanced eBook (ePub3)


The implementation in the classroom is giving educators the opportunity to provide customized learning experiences to meet the needs of individual students.

78% of K-12 teachers & administrators believe tech has positively impacted the classroom and productivity of students

65% of educators believe students are more productive today compared to the previous 3 years

How familiar are you with the concept of a Smart Internet of Things School?

9% Have implemented parts of a Smart School plan

3% Plan to implement the technology in the next 1-3 years

23% Aware and beginning to investigate

36% Slightly aware of the topic

29% The concept is entirely new

Top 5 Education Apps for Teachers and Students

  • Dropbox: It can be used to store additional copies of hand-outs. Students can download and print copies on their own. Students can turn in homework assignments and Dropbox will time stamp submissions. It also makes distributing PowerPoint presentations easy.
  • EverNote: Effortless solution to note-taking makes this app the best note-taking and organizational program you’ll find and makes the information you need available to you anywhere.
  • My Study Life: It works like a calendar application allowing you to plan out your days, weeks, months, and years. This can make planning ahead a lot easier than trying to remember.
  • Socrative: Engage the entire classroom with educational exercises and games while capturing student results in real-time. Interact with the data to further student understanding in the moment, and review the reports to prepare for future classes.
  • Toontastic: Kids choose the characters and setting for each scene to tell their story. The app doesn’t just allow kids to make their own cartoons, it also teaches the fundamentals of storytelling.



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