Do I Need Prior Education To Become A Solar Installer?

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Solar Power Technology

Solar power is an exciting and rapidly expanding area of technology and energy production. More businesses and homeowners are making the decision to invest in installing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels for their energy needs. After all, these systems typically pay for themselves in savings in a few years. In fact, you can end up making money over their whole life span!

With the way this sector is growing, there is a big demand for experienced and highly trained technicians to design and assist with installations. Most reliable estimates say that this demand for skilled workers is going to keep growing in the years to come!

Installing Solar Panel

This rising demand makes it a very attractive field for prospective workers. If you have an interest in starting a rewarding career in renewable energy, there is no better time than now to begin!

If this opportunity interests you, then you may be wondering what the barriers to entry are. What kinds of specialized training or certifications will I need in order to become a solar installer? Is there prior education required?

While you do not need a university degree in order to work in this field, there are some things to know. There are also useful and important industry training to obtain.

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)


This is the industry organization that designs the tests and certifications that you can take as worker in the solar industry. Passing their tests demonstrates to potential employers and customers that you are knowledgeable and skilled. It is a great way to ensure your safety as a worker and promote confidence in consumers.

NABCEP Entry Level Program

This entry level training program and test are very useful for beginning a career in solar installations. A certified course prepares you for the NABCEP Entry Level Exam by teaching you all the basics of the design and installation of PV solar panels.

Since PV solar panel installations often require you to work with potentially dangerous materials and on high surfaces like rooftops, there are some safety training courses you should take. You will need to learn about fall protection and the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

This training program is not a substitute for training in construction, electrical, or plumbing trades. Depending on your prospective job role, you may require training or experience in these fields.

NABCEP Installation Professional Certification

For more advanced PV solar panel installation work, the Installation Professional Certification demonstrates a high degree of training and experience. In order to qualify for this level of certification, you will need to show your prior field experience as well as specialized training.

No matter what your level of experience or education is, the first step to becoming a solar installer is simple: sign up for the training program to take the NABCEP Entry Level Exam. This training will help you hit the ground running when you start your first job. Best of all, you will already be equipped with the necessary fundamental knowledge of PV technology. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, obtaining proper renewable energy training will boost your chances of making a successful career in energy sector.

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