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Offline Marketing

Tips To Build Your Business Through Offline Marketing [Ebook]

25 Useful Tips For Offline Business Marketing

The marketing world has become inundated with a whole new vocabulary in recent years, as the rise of digital media has changed the landscape of the industry. With all the….

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Procrastination Quotes

Ultimate Productivity Checklist [Ebook]

Be More Productive With This Ebook Checklist

While we would all love to be productive all the time, there are things that distract us away from what we really need to be focusing on. I admit it, I will be….

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10 Event Planning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

What’s the Big Deal?

Event planning is no easy task, but it’s a vital part of marketers’ jobs. Companies spend about 20% of their budgets on marketing for events. Plus, 67% of business-to-business marketers find marketing at events as one….

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Start Blog Ebook Cover

How To Start A Blog [Ebook]

This Year, 2014, Blogging is 20.

We’d be lying if we say nothing has happened in the last 20 years since the idea of blogging came about, and below are some interesting stats to show just how powerful blogging has….

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I Love Google

45 Reasons To Love Google [Ebook]

Both from personal and professional angles, I love Google. It is the entrepreneur’s dream come true. Most of Google technology truly addresses the needs of the user and Google has vision and foresight about what its customers will need in….

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Google SEO Guide

Google SEO Starter Guide [Ebook]

Everything You Need To Know About Google Search Engine Optimization

Ever since Google began indexing billions of websites on the Internet, they developed algorithms for what would make websites more easily searchable in a Google search query. Many companies and….

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Guide [Ebook]

When a company sets up their website, it would seem they are done and ready to go. However, there is still more to do when it comes to a company website. Tests, trials, experiments to see what attracts visitors, what….

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Around the World

100 Content Marketing Examples [Ebook]

Living In A World of Marketing

When a person goes shopping for clothes, food, or any item, they often have a particular brand in mind, before they have even left the house. Whether they are thinking about Kohl’s, Walmart, Target,….

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LinkedIn You In?

Learn LinkedIn: How To Build Your Living Resume [Ebook]

Have you done it again? Forgotten to update your resume? Is your paper resume on your desk or have you converted it into a PDF or Microsoft Document on your computer? If its on your computer, when was the last….

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Social Media Companies Rocking

101 Companies Using Social Media [Ebook]

Is your company using Social Media effectively?

Chances are that if your company is not utilizing Social Media Networking and Marketing tools, you are losing a lot of business and potential customers. If you are losing business and potential customers,….

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