Eat A Healthy Breakfast [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Eat a Healthy Breakfast To Make Your Day!

Breakfast Vegetable Omelette

It is cliché to say that you should eat a healthy breakfast, because breakfast is the most important meal of your day, but there is only truth to that statement. If you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, than you probably are not eating before you sleep, and it is usually several hours before you go to sleep and then while you sleep, there is no food consumption, so it only makes sense that eating breakfast makes sense as your first and most important meal of the day.


Breakfast defines how you will eat for the rest of your day, including how hungry you are around lunch time, and even carries over into dinner time. It determines how you function throughout your day, your intelligence level, and your ability to curb your appetite.

If you eat a high-protein breakfast, chances are you will be less hungry throughout the day, whereas if you eat a carbohydrate-loaded breakfast as your first meal, you will likely get a nice rush of energy that will keep you going for a few hours, before you almost feel like you are crashing. It is probably better to eat eggs and bacon, loaded with fat and protein, than it is to eat cereal or pancakes, loaded with carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates provide ready-available energy that makes your body process it like a sugar rush, giving you plenty of energy to start, but often leaving you feeling tired as the day progresses. When your body must work harder to process food, such as proteins, it keeps you less tired and able to function properly without the feelings of exhaustion setting in.

For this week, do your best to consume a healthier breakfast. Breakfast ideas may include fruits, vegetables, omelets, beans, Greek yogurts, salmon, steel cut oats, avocado, protein shakes, smoothies, or a salad, etc. If you don’t consume breakfast at all, you may notice a difference in your energy levels, as the same if you are not consuming a healthier breakfast.

Let us know what you ate and your recipes if you came up with something new in the comments!



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