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Dress Like Someone Day


During the year of 2015, I ran a challenge every week, asking those who wished to do so, to attempt the challenge of the week. These challenges stopped at the end of the year, though they are always good each week of every year, and any challenge can be taken during any week. Those challenges were meant to try and improve your life, hopefully for the better, whether it was to eat better, exercise more, be more polite, or donate to charity. The whole purpose of the challenges each week was to know that you could always work on something, always improve yourself, and find your own challenges in life to make you a better person.


In honor of fashion week for menswear in the month of June and July, this idea is presented to all companies who wish to participate. While this is not an official challenge, it certainly is a great idea that I had come across that all companies should start if they are looking to lighten the mood and make the workplace just a tad more fun. This idea can extend beyond to multiple people, to every day, to a week, or even over the course of a month or longer. The idea or challenge is for everyone in the workplace to pick a person and dress like them for the day. If a person wears the same business casual shirt and tie with the docker pants and dress shoes with black socks, than everyone should show up wearing that outfit, regardless of male or female.

This may not work with women wearing dresses and men imitating them, as men may prefer not to wear a dress, but many women do wear outfits that are fun and exciting, and the traditional woman’s fashion in the workplace has mostly foregone the usual business-casual dress or skirt and instead opts for a blouse or blazer with dress pants or even jeans. Men can certainly imitate this type of clothing in the workplace.

This challenge is designed to be fun and get a feel and show everyone how they see a person’s fashion in their eyes. This idea can extend to multiple people, in which the employees can dress like anyone of their choice, but it would work best if they chose one person each day or week, dressed like them, and showed up that day wearing exactly what the person of choice is wearing. This can even extend the entire week, in which everyone dresses like that person for the entire week. To make this an even more fun event, the person who the office chose for that week should not know that everyone has chosen to dress up like them, so when they show up, they get a big surprise.