Donald Glover Plays Unexpected Role in Spider-Man Homecoming

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The Role Of Spider-Man Homecoming

Donald Glover has made himself a known figure in the world of pop-culture as an established comedian, writer, rapper and actor. The role that skyrocketed him to fame was none other than Troy Barnes of the critically acclaimed comedy show Community.

The relatively minor role of Aaron Davis played by Donald Glover on the new Spider-Man Homecoming is not the talented celebrity’s first interaction with the role, however, many fans considering that the actor deserved nothing less than the main role.

Donald4Spiderman – Let’s Do This

It was during Glover’s time on Community, in 2010, that news of a Spider-Man movie reboot broke out. Given the short time between this announcement and the final part of the trilogy starring Toby McGuire, fans felt that the hero would benefit from a revamp. Not long after, a photoshop Spider-Man movie poster featuring Donald Glover in the role of the web-slinging superhero started making the rounds on various forums and blogs.

Spider Web

The image made its way into Donald Glover’s hands and the star found the idea thrilling. So thrilling in fact, that he decided to post the picture on his Twitter account with the #Donald4Spiderman, which became a top trending topic in the days to follow. This threw comic book and movie fans alike into a frenzy of speculation and arguments, with supporters claiming that it would breathe some much-needed fresh air into the series, while naysayers claimed that the movies should stay true to their comic book source. In the end, the 2012 reboot featured Andrew Garfield in the leading role and he has met lukewarm reviews all around.


Ultimate Spider-Man and Aaron Davis

The 2010 reboot did not mark the end of Donald Glover’s involvement with the wall-crawling hero. In 2017, Spider-Man Homecoming saw Glover cast in the role of Aaron Davis, a small-time crook involved with the main antagonist, the Vulture. The character’s screen time is only limited to a few short minutes, however the role itself and Aaron Davis’ stage-name, The Prowler, bear ramifications that go beyond the current path of the series.

Nature Spider Web

While the cinematic world of the Spider-Man has yet to see anyone else other than Peter Parker in the webbed hero’s suit, the comic books dared go in a different direction. In one of Marvel’s major parallel universes, dubbed the Ultimate universe, Peter Parker dies and gets replaced by Miles Morales. This new hero gains his uncanny super-powers after being bit by a genetically modified spider that his uncle accidentally brought home from one of his high-tech heists. Miles Morales’ uncle is none other than Aaron Davis a.k.a. The Prowler. While in the movie we only get to see Donald Glover playing an earlier, less prolific version of the burglar, the connection with the comic books is definitely made by Glover’s character mentioning in his last interaction with Spider-Man that he also has a nephew.

The ramifications of Aaron Davis’ presence are huge for the cinematic universe and while Donald did not land the main role in the franchise he seems so attached to, he definitely plays a key role that all but promises that fans will get to see Miles Morales as Spider-Man on the big screens at some point. In the meantime, whether he will get the chance to reprise the role of Aaron Davis in future instalments or not, the actor can be happy he was part of a great super-hero movie that continues Marvel Studios’ success streak.