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Dating is one of the most awkward things most of us choose to go through.  From the very first time he or she asks you out, to the scheduling of the meeting time, waiting for a call, to the interview-like setting, and sometimes even awkward silence. No one really likes to date.  They are often after: Do you like me? Are we compatible? Would we make a good match? Do you like what I like? Do I like what you like? Do you like kids? Do you want kids? Are you looking for a partner? Are you looking to get married? And so on and so forth.  If we could all just really skip all that and get to the nitty gritty, the truth is:  We’re all human, most of us all want companionship, love, and even romance.  So what if you could skip all that and really know your date?  Are they really for you?  If you can imagine this person being at their worst, and you still find them attractive, they might just be for you, even if they are gross.

The human body is gross. Whether you are a male or female, there are plenty of things on your own body that you are probably not particularly fond of. From farting to picking at dead skin to awkward weird smells and bad breath. It is even more embarrassing when other people notice these things on you or coming from you. There are definitely some things you can do to cover up body awkwardness such as bathing, mani-pedis, deodorant, toothpaste, and many other different types of products to upkeep your body.

When dating someone, these gross factors are often hidden well. Sometimes they are noticeable, but ignored, as if they are not really there, or expected. The truth is, they are there and they will likely not go away. People who date and fall in love often accept each other – flaws and all. This also includes farting, particular eating habits, and other habits that may gross out any normal human being. After the reality sets in, a woman might ask, “Really? Did you just…” towards any kind of body function that her man might have which becomes very apparent only weeks or months into the relationship.

Still she deals with him and his antics, and if she somehow stuck through it all – as women do – as the years go on, she too, allows her body awkwardness to show, if she has not already done so. Reality sets in. She does fart. Her poop does not smell like roses. And when she does get her period, it can be very messy. She can also certainly produce some foul odors coming from ‘down there’. And this does not even cover what goes on during her pregnancy all the way until she gives birth to her child. And any man, though seemingly petrified stands tough, as he proudly wears his man card, watching his wife… expand beyond comprehension – and normally sticking around through it all and somehow later going back for more once things “return to normal.”

If the couple is in love or is married, they accept each other for all of their weird body awkwardness, as they well should. It is the natural human body and we must accept and deal with it for all the awkward weird stuff that comes from it, comes out of it, and even at times, for women in particular — the things that go into it.

This infographic covers how dirty your date really is.

Dirty Dates [Infographic]

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Like Your Date To Be Dirty?
Good News and Bad News: They are Dirty.
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A Battle of the Sexes on Cleanliness & Hygiene

BATHROOM HABITS [warm wet environment]

MEN 31% Brush teeth twice a day or more
WOMEN 52% Brush teeth twice a day or more

Over 15% of Men with Chronic Gum Disease had other issues
including erectile dysfunction

Women are about 26% more likely to floss daily than men are

18% of men never clean the bathroom.

45% of women never clean makeup brushes.
Typically stored in warm wet bathrooms (where bacteria easily forms).

Makeup expires within 3 months to one year. Why? Because of bacteria from the skin.

About 30% of men shower twice a day.

In general, men using public restrooms touch fewer surfaces than women

Who washes their hands? (in baseball stadium observational studies)
77% of Men
93% of Women

Women’s Public Restroom have twice as many germs as Men’s Public Restrooms


40% of Americans never wash their mattress pads

Average College Boy’s Pillow & Mattress Pad
Bacteria Colonies – 480,000
Mold/Yeast Colonies – 160,000

Average College Girl’s Pillow & Mattress Pad
Bacteria Colonies – 290,000
Mold/Yeast Colonies – 59,000

Change their bed sheets about once a week:
58% of Men
64% of Women

22% of men do not change their underwear daily
5% of women do not change their underwear daily
65% of women change their bra within 2 days

Men are more likely to wear jeans 4 or 5 times before washing them

Married Men Change their underwear twice as often as single men

General Tip:
Normal detergents don’t kill germs
TO clean poop, you must use bleach or hot 150 degree water

Dirty Underwear can carry up to 1 gram of poop

Men tend to keep wallets for years without cleaning them
Men’s wallets are 4 times dirtier than women’s purses

The Flu Virus can survive on a dollar bill for up to 10 days.

General Tip: wash hands after dealing with money.

Bacterial levels of 200 are considered safe.

Most handbags have bacteria levels in the tens of thousands.

The average outdoor ATM has around 1,600 germs per key.

Do some housework everyday
20% of men
49% of women

Men are more likely to thoroughly clean their house (when they clean it)

A recent survey found that women spend much longer doing household chores than their partners at around 90 minutes per day.
Men tend to find exudes not to help –

Women’s desks at work have 3.5 times more bacterial because of common “bacteria factory” items

Handling makeup and lotions mean:

Dirtier mobile devices
Dirtier keyboards
More common colds per year

General Tip: Use anti-bacterial wipes on office surfaces and mobile devices.

For more information, visit: KEEPINGITKLEEN.COM

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