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After graduating as an Associate in Aircraft Maintenance Technology I began looking for another course or opportunity for me to earn income so I read newspaper Sunday issue. My attention was grabbed by an ad about earning money and the seminar was free so I went to the venue and that’s when I gained exposure to the business of direct selling.

I did not join immediately but months after I saw that same ad again stating the potential to earn a huge amount of income every month, I was enticed to contact the number and went to the venue once again. My observation is that people that are in the business are happy and they talk about health and wellness. They also spoke about income potentials which were staggering high. I was really impressed because they traveled for free if the requirements are met, and they gave you the opportunity to travel with them if you were able to provide a referrer to them, but unfortunately I didn’t know the person who invited me since she did not give her name when she replied to my text message. I lost interest yet again.

A couple of days after I saw my friend brought a magazine issue of the company I attended for the last time and by then I was interested again so I contacted the same number and this time I brought some money so I could sign up immediately. I  was so hyped with what I saw of the opportunity but a couple of hours after being a member, I wondered where and whom I was going to sell the products to and who would I invite to join the business. I did not try to sell the products since I was shy to approach people, even with my relatives. After two months I stopped and I did not go to anymore seminars.

I was not busy with anything after I quit my first direct selling experience. A few months passed and my brother invited me to attend a seminar. He told me it was going to be another network marketing business, but the compensation was different from other networking companies I knew. They give commission to distributors if they can recruit and they can earn if their recruits have sales under them or product reorders. I had second thoughts in joining this business again, however one of my uplines said that if I didn’t join, I would be left behind by upcoming new recruits and I could earn more if I join as soon as possible. After I joined I asked where the other recruits are supposed to join in order to be put under me but no definite answer.

Then I realized it was just a promise to convince me to join, I was disappointed but I did not quit and I tried the products to see if they worked. Unfortunately, the effects were not convincing and I stopped doing the business and no longer became involved in this kind of industry ever again. I am now much more skeptical and believe them all to be filled with scams and scam artists.



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