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Save More With Digital Coupons


The growth of digital coupons has revolutionized how people interact with coupons. There is no longer a need to print your coupon and bring it to the store as digital coupons are becoming commonplace. In 2012, 92.2 million adults redeemed online coupons and this figure is expected to grow to 124.4 million by 2016.

It is vital that businesses have measures in place to fully utilize this growing market. There are 7 key ways in which businesses can incorporate effective digital coupon marketing. These include integrating the offers with email, using text messaging, and most importantly measuring results to determine how effective each campaign is. This allows you to tweak your technique depending on the most effective methods.

This infographic from Colourfast outlines the growth of digital coupons and provides an effective 7 step plan to maximise the effectiveness of digital coupons for your business.

Digital Coupons [Infographic]

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Coupons are incredibly popular among affluent folks and millenials (not to mention every other demographic), and they don’t even have to be printed out anymore, so keep your scissors in the junk drawer.


In 2012, 92.2 million U.S. adults had redeemed online coupons. This figure is projected to grow to 124.4 million users in 2016.

2.9 billions coupons were redeemed in 2013, 6 million were digital coupons.

Households with incomes of $100,000 or more are twice as likely to use coupons as those earning <$35,000.

Browsing for coupons is the second most popular digital activity for U.S. grocery shoppers (55%).

36% of food brands have coupon sections on their websites.

59% said that providing basic login details in return for personlized offers and information is a ‘fair deal’.

85% prefer personalized offers based on previous purchases.


millions, % of adult internet users and % change


Adult Digital Coupon Users – % of Adult Internet Users – % Change

2010 83.6% – 46.0% – 8.1%

2011 88.2% – 47.0% – 5.5%

2012 92.5% – 48.0% – 4.9%

2013 96.8% – 49.0% – 4.6%

2014 100.1% – 49.5% – 3.4%


millions, % of adult smartphone users and % change

Adult Digital Coupon Users – % of Adult Internet Users – % Change

2010 107.2% – 7.4% – 13.0%

2011 139.3% – 17.8% – 21.0%

2012 29.5% – 65.9% – 28.0%

2013 40.0% – 34.4% – 32.0%

2014 47.1% – 33.0% – 17.9%

Methods Used to Find Digital Coupons* via SmartPhone
According to US Digital Coupon Users, June 2014
% of respondents

57% Via email from a retailer

55% Through search engine on my phone

39% By texting a short code to the retailer

33% By browsing an app that I have downloaded specifically for coupons and offers

32% Via emails from a coupon company

30% By browsing an app from a retailer

28% By visiting a retailer’s website directly from my phone

28% Through push messages from a retailer sent to me on my phone

27% By visiting a coupon site directly from my phone

27% By texting a short code to a coupon company

24% By receiving a push notification from an apple that I have downloaded specifically for coupons and offers

23% Through push messages from a coupon company sent to me on my phone

20% By reading signage at stores or on shows saying how I can get a coupon on my phone

16% By reading catalogs, mail, or newspapers saying how I can get a coupon on my phone

8% By watching a TV show or commercial that says how I can get a coupon on my phone

7 Tips For Effective Digital Coupon Marketing

  1. Integrate with E-Mail
    • Ensure digital coupons integrate with your customer’s e-mail accounts
    • Capturing your customers’ e-mail addresses gives you a chance to regularly update them on specials and discounts, increasing the odds they will return to your location
  2. Include Visual Appeal
    • Your coupon should include your logo, photos of products similar to those you sell, and bold, vibrant colors and fonts that will intrigue consumers
  3. Target Consumers
    • With geo-targeting, businesses are able to take advantage of GPS technology to learn when consumers are nearby, delivering coupons that entice them to stop by.
  4. Partner with a Distributor
    • Sites like Valpak can deliver your digital coupons to their existing customer base, directly targeting coupons to the customers most likely to take advantage of them
    • If you’re trying to save money, free coupon maker services can help
  5. Use Text Messaging
    1. To ensure text campaigns are as effective as possible, create a feeling of exclusivity. Let customers know that by receiving these messages, they are privy to discounts not offered to those who aren’t a part of the text list.
  6. Encourage Sharing
    • Your coupon should incorporate social media buttons to allow one-click sharing across various social media platforms.
  7. Measure Results
    • As each promotional offer reaches its expiration date, perform reporting to determine how successful the campaign was



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