Develop Clean Habits This Week [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Clean! Clean! Clean!

Office Desk Cleaning Computer Rag

It is near the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, in January, you were challenged to Organize Your Desk. You still have not done anything with your desk, have you? You still have that pile of papers sitting there, your keyboard is filthy, you let it go all year without even thinking about it or caring about it, and although you have let it go, now is the time to clean up your mess and start the new year with a good clean start.

Go through your paperwork and file it accordingly, or recycle what you do not need. If you haven’t eaten those snacks you stashed in your desk by now, either give them away, or throw them out. Get some Lysol wipes and clean your desk area including your keyboard and mouse. Get some screen cleaners and wipe down that monitor. If you work in a corporate office with a lot of people, every human being represents an insane amount of dust and some of it will eventually land on your desk. It could also be the building’s air duct system which is pushing circulating some dust into the air, and it will land wherever it can, and most likely it has already landed on your desk. Get that clean!

If the work refrigerator at work has food and there is a funny smell coming from inside, it is probably good to throw out everything in the food, especially since it is the end of the year. No need to keep anything, really. Get off to a fresh start with everything! Prepare for the upcoming New Year!

This challenge does not just apply to your workspace, but to your home as well. Get to cleaning! You will feel a lot better, like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders, once you see an immaculate place! Sure, the kids will probably break a record in making a mess a few minutes after you get done cleaning, but there is still pride in seeing a clean house, clean rooms, clean beds, clean bathrooms and kitchen, clean everything. Get to cleaning! Get your family team together and everyone can do their part in helping to clean!