Design for Dogs [Infographic]

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Trendy Dog Designs

Eco-friendly Modern Luxury Pet Furniture

They say that man’s best friend is his dog and your pet deserves only the best. As such designers provide dog owners with plenty of opportunities to give their beloved pet comfortable places to chill and rest their weary heads. From the comfort of their own designer bed, chair, sofa or cushion, pets can live in the lap of luxury without ruffling a hair on their heads.

This infographic shows some fabulous dog accessories designed to suit the style of your home, your decorating motif and the breed of your pet. Soft cushions and sofas designed for those lazy dog moments which compliment your style of furniture, a bed where they can rest their head in comfort and style, or a side table they can clamber into to stay close by your side and yet have their own space, we have picked some classical and contemporary designs befitting your pampered pooch.

Show your pet love by giving furniture and home accessories to suit their busy lifestyle perfectly. From bespoke outdoor dog houses, posh pets don’t have kennels, to inspirational raised dish holders, a must have for large dogs, this infographic showcases just a few of the many different inspired home accessories you can give your beloved pet.

Design for Dogs [Infographic]

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We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, so why should your pal have to put up with dodgy design? We’ve rounded up some really cool things you can get your dog that’ll still look great in your home!


A stylish side table that doubles as a seat for your pooch.

Or maybe this more modern geometric side table is more your style?


This cool bedside table is perfect if your dog likes to sleep in your room but you don’t want to share the bed.

If you don’t want to let your dog on the sofa, it’s only fair you provide an alternative. How about this chaise lounge?

Or perhaps this more contemporary dog chair is more your style?

Your dog could have their very own sofa; what’s more 10% of the purchase price goes to Dogs Trust!

This chair is perfect for a tired out pooch who needs a post walk rest.

A luxurious couch for dogs who appreciate the finer things in life.


A bunk bed is perfect for puppy pals to snuggle up together!

A murphy bed is a great way to keep your dog’s bed hidden when it’s not needed, freeing up more floor space.

Does your dog like breakfast in bed?

A four poster bed for only the poshest of pooches.


This stylish blue cabinet means you never have to trip over a dog bowl again.

This dog mansion is perfect for a high maintenance pet who needs their own space.


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