Decorate Your Home In Vintage Style [Infographic]

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Interior Design: Vintage Is The New Modern

Vintage Living Room Traditional

True style never goes out of fashion. With more and more people buying vintage décor items and furniture to add charm and elegance to their homes, vintage has really become the new best thing in interior design today. People are bored of the mundane stuff that encompasses modern living, and vintage home décor and accessories helps them break that pattern. The Farthing, UK, recently came out with this amazing infographic, showcasing 10 vintage looks that are the biggest rage in interior design right now. Let’s take a look.

A luxurious faux fur throw on your couch not only feels great to snuggle with on a cold wintry day, but also adds style and glamour to your living room. Antique photo frames that display your treasured memories and also act as wall décor are just what you need to accessorize that big, empty wall in your hallway. If you have been planning to redo your home office for a long time, how about putting in a heavy old desk with a matching table lamp? You can also organize your odds and ends and minimize clutter with the antique-style wall storage units. Even an occasional statement piece, such as a luxurious-looking armchair, can mix things up and add style to any room.

With experts predicting the vintage rage to continue through the next year, you don’t have to stop here! Light up your dining room with geometrically shaped industrial lights that cast exquisite patterns on the walls. What’s more, they also serve as excellent conversation starters. If you don’t have space for a regular bar, how about a vintage wooden storage cabinet that makes a solid fashion statement?You can even carry the theme forward to the kitchen by bringing in a rustic wooden clock that reminds you of the one that your grandfather used to have in his farmhouse.

How to Decorate Your Home In Vintage Style [Infographic]

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Vintage is the New Modern

With the humdrum of modern lifestyle closing in from all sides, it is quite refreshing to break the monotony by introducing few touches of vintage accessories to our homes.

Trends in interior designing change almost every year. Here’s a list of 10 vintage looks that are going hot now:

Being Posh and Comfy

Who doesn’t want a chic living room that pampers and allows to sprawl out comfortably? Bring in comfort and style with a cozy sectional sofa. Add a luxurious faux fur throw to increase the grandeur.

Meld Light with Heavy

Your room shouldn’t look like it’s been refurnished to match the store catalog strictly. Give it a touch of time. Introduce a luxurious looking occasional chair to add a “twisty” style of elegance to your room.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Is your plush sofa sitting with a bland wall behind it? Try adding an assortment of vintage mirrors of different shapes. While mirrors add a shine, the different shapes create a beautiful assemblage, and make the wall come alive.

Statement Lighting

Lights can create or mar the ambiance of your room. Try geometrically-shaped industrial lights over your dining table or the hallway. WHen off, they look like a work of art; when on, they cast exquisite patterns.

Store in Style

Storage goes hand-in-hand with style. If your living room already boasts of mixing old with new, you may think of adding a vintage wooden cabinet to the collection. A well-chosen vintage cabinet is great ot make a grave yet fashionable statement.

Storage on the Walls

Antique-style wall storage units have an elegant and rustic feel about them, which, when clubbed with modern furniture, give your home a stylish and smart impression. Plan well on what you’d like to store in it for it’s a great way to display your stuff in an organized manner.

Work with Elegance

Did you know that those heavy desks from the old times are still chick enough to adorn your living room or your home office? All you need is a matching table lamp and a small house plant on it, and you’ll see the big difference it makes to your room.

Stylize your Memories

Photos displayed on a wall act as decor as well as a gallery of memories. Put them in vintage frames and display on the wall behind the sofa or in gallery-style on a big empty wall. Sit back and admire the glamour they bring to the room.

Old Times, New Flair

Whether it be the staircase, the fireplace, the kitchen, or the wall in the living room, at least one vintage clock is a must for home decor! Try an average-sized metal clock for the living room and the fireplace, and a large rustic wooden clock for the staircase and the kitchen.

An Antiquity for Book Lovers

Got a book lover in the house? Antique bookends are the perfect accessories for your beloved books. These heavy, uniquely designed bookends stand proudly on a desk, shelf, or even a sideboard.

Don’t wait anymore! 2015 has seen the mix of old and new, and experts have, yet again, suggested the same for 2016. Shop all the above vintage collection at The Farthing today!

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