Dating in a Virtual World [Infographic]

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The Dating Game is a hard one. It seems its all a matter of numbers and meeting someone who matches to your standards. Problem is, your standards are so high or the other person’s standards are so high, it probably isn’t going to work out. Standards are okay and exist for a reason. After all, you are trying to choose a partner with whom you can have a relationship with, a family, a life, and possibly children. In any relationship, compatibility is everything. Though you can throw that idea out the window as sometimes opposites completely attract and you’re left wondering how a couple got together and stayed together, despite having hardly anything in common.

If dating were easy, more people would be in loving relationships. Love is a battlefield and the war is never-ending. By logical standards, there are plenty of men and women to reproduce and continue the human race. By human standards with a mixture of emotion, many of them are not compatible with each other. Love is hard and it takes a lot of work for either side to open their hearts and minds to each other and allow trust in in order for love to work.

Many people are working and have no time to date and are interested in careers and establishing their own lives. They may think they are ready for a relationship or need a relationship to survive, often rushing into something they had no business getting into in the first place. Regardless, people may start relationships hoping to share their life with someone, alleviate their boredom, find something magical, or potentially help solve problems.

Those who rush into relationships expecting things to change are certainly in for a rude awakening. People may also rush into marriage, only to discover that the “honeymoon phase” ends and things are often never as great anymore as they once were. The relationship runs its course and then ends.  Unfortunately, if everyone let a relationship run its course before marriage, no one would ever get married.

Bars and clubs used to be hotspots for hookups, random sexual encounters, or even potential relationships, and while those places are still very frequented by many young adults looking for sex or love, many have confided in the Internet using websites such as PlentyofFish, OkCupid, Casual Kiss, Mingle2, Date Hookup, and others to find some type of romance or encounter with another individual.

Services like these are popular and new services spring up every year. More and more people turn to the Internet as their source for finding sex, relationships, and love. There are plenty of people who get lucky and meet “the one”. There are plenty more who meet dozens of people and may never find “the one.” With millions of people around the world and more and more people getting connected to the Internet and turning to Internet dating sites, chances for finding a soul mate are becoming greater.

This infographic provides insight into dating in the virtual world.

Dating in a Virtual World [Infographic]

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Dating in a Virtual World

About 10% of the 53 million singles in the United States use a Dating Service

“Wonder what he does for a living.” – “She’s hot!”

49% Physical Characteristics are the most important factor in finding a potential partner according to many online daters.

64% Common Interests are the most important factor in finding a potential partner, according to most online daters.

17% of married couples in the United States met online.

2 Years average time it takes for couples who meet online to get married
Couples who meet organically have an average courtship of 3.5 years

$4 billion estimated worth of the global dating industry

Social Networks and Dating:

27% of women have been dumped via yet, email, or instant message

45% Most women <span style=“text-decoration: line-through;”>stalk</span> keep up with their ex on Facebook

53% of men are uncomfortable with their partner friending an ex on Facebook

Your life with an Avatar

1 in 3 people who participate in MMORPG have ben attracted to another avatar

World of Warcraft (WoW) currently has more than 12 million users

Second Life and Utherverse have 7 million active users with 10,000 sign ups per day

60% of men prefer dark hair over blonde

80% of men prefer voluptuous women more

80% of women prefer men who are 6ft or taller

Fertile women tend to prefer more manly men

“Love at First Kill”
The New York Times profiled couples who met through World of Warcraft.

Men & Women’s Modern Day Views of Love:

64% of women will pursue a relationship with a man knowing she would never marry him.

85% of men say it would not bother them to date a woman who makes more money than them.

16% of men attempted romance solely to get sex

34% of men think a woman is being promiscuous after 20 sexual partners

After more than 10 sexual partners, 35% of men think a woman is being promiscuous

13% of men are completely satisfied with their sex life

Attitude & Moodiness – the number one thing that women would change about their partner

40% of women say their partner is rarely or never romantic

75% of men feel they are consistently romantic

Love at first sight

44% of women have experienced love at first sight

54% of men have experienced love at first sight

The Tradition

45% of women feel pressed by their family to get married

Something things never change

68% of men say they believe the man should pay for the majority of the dates either until the relationship is established or throughout the relationship

The I love you factor

38% of men have said “I love you” to get sex

43% of women have said “I love you” and not meant it

What does it mean?

19% I want to have a committed relationship with you
14% I want to spend the rest of my life with you
31% I want you in my life
30% I care about you

Who do you love?

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