Data Never Sleeps [Infographic]

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Data is Everywhere

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Public data or private data, data is everywhere. Data is constantly being generated every second of everyday. Data is a constant flow on the Internet happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, forever and ever for as long as the Internet exists. Businesses never sleep and the world is on a 24-hour non-stop schedule.

From companies and retailers coming out with and listing new products to customers buying new products, from news media outlets writing and publishing news articles, to bloggers writing articles every second, to hundreds of new websites being created, to almost over 100 hours of new video being uploaded to YouTube every minute of each day. At every second of every day, data is constantly happening, from data storage to data usage to data being read to even data being stolen. The world is never asleep and the Internet is always on for our data addiction in order to accommodate the needs of everyone on the planet with Internet access.

This infographic provides insight into data for just a few organizations and our behaviors on the Internet as of 2015. As the years progress and more and more people become connected to the Internet, and as Internet reaches places where it has never been before, these very large numbers of data are expected to increase tenfold.

Data Never Sleeps [Infographic]


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How Much Data is Generated Every Minute?

Data is being created every minute of every day without us even noticing it. Given how much information is floating around these days, it’s tempting to talk about big data only in terms of size. Big data describes the massive avalanche of digital activity pulsating through cables and airwaves, but it also describes all the things we were never able to measure before. With every status we share, every article we read, or every photo we upload, we are creating a digital trail that tells a story. Below, we explore how much data is generated in one minute.

  • YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video
  • Email users send 204,000,000 messages
  • Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries
  • Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of content
  • Tinder users swipe 416,667 times
  • WhatsApp users share 347,222 photos
  • Twitter users tweet 277,000 times
  • Instagram users post 216,000 new photos
  • Amazon makes $83,000 in online sales
  • Pandora users listen to 61,141 hours of music
  • Apple users download 48,000 apps
  • Yelp users post 26,380 reviews
  • Skype users connect for 23,300 hours
  • Vine users share 8,333 videos
  • Pinterest users pin 3,472 images

The global Internet population grew 14.3% from 2011 – 2013 and now represents 2.4 billion people.

With each click, share and like, the world’s data pool is expanding faster than we can comprehend. Businesses today are paying attention to scores of data sources to make crucial decisions about the future. The team at Domo can help your business make sense of this endless stream of data by providing executives with all their critical information in one intuitive platform. Domo delivers the insights you need to transform the way you run your business. Learn more at




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