The Dangers Of Letting Employees Work-At-Home

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A large number of companies have jumped in on the work-at-home craze. This includes businesses small and large. But is this something that you should really be doing? While these companies certainly have good intentions allowing employees to work at home, and there are benefits to both the employee and the employer, there are also a number of pitfalls that also come along with it.

The Dangers Of Letting Employees Work-At-Home: work from home jobs employee

The many dangers of allowing an employee to work from home should be considered, in addition to the pros, before deciding if you will offer such a benefit to those who work for you.

Productivity is in Question

When employees are working at home there is really no way to gauge the amount of work that is actually being done. While it is perfectly fine to sit at home and work in your pajamas, the key is that work is involved. Most of the time those who are working for your company will live up to your standards, but do understand this is always a big risk that you take. Installing special office issued computers and supplies can better control your monitoring of the individual who is working from home.

Quality Concerns

Not only do companies that allow employees to work at home take a risk with the productivity of the business, they are also taking a huge risk when it comes to the quality of the product that is being produced. Without a supervisor watching over their shoulder, the temptation to forgo quality is always there. Again, this is a risk that you take. Is it worth it to you?

Will the Employee feel like a Part of the Team?

Although some business owners may not understand the importance of creating a team-like environment at their company, employees surely do. Working at home may have benefits, but a downside that comes along is missing out on interaction with other employees, the latest news and info, company parties and more. Some companies do try to reconcile by offering these incentives to their work at home crew, but not always. How is this a danger you ask? Even working at home an individual will not continue the relationship if he or she feels that they are being left out or just do not fit in.

Decreased Creativity

Home is where the heart is at, and it is also where you are the most comfortable. Allowing an individual to work from home may be dull and boring, which can also affect their creativity level. Having creativity within your business is a must if you want to stand out from the competition.

Sharing Secrets

How can you be certain that those who are working from whom are not giving away the secrets of your businesses success? It is important to have a waiver signed declaring none of this information will be revealed during or after the course of employment, but this is still no guarantee.

Those who are working from home without a group of others around them, or a supervise, are more likely to reveal the information that they shouldn’t. keep this in mind before you decide to utilize work at home.

As you can see there are a number of dangers of letting employees work from home that you should be aware of before making this transition within your company. There may be other disadvantages that you also encounter should you offer work from home. However, there are many advantages of doing your job from home. Before you make this move make sure that you take the time to compare the pros and the cons. You will be glad that you did.

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