Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes [Infographic]

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Multipurpose Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Box Maze

There are many varieties of packaging supplies. And without them, relocating or shifting becomes impractical. Among the various kinds of supplies, cardboard boxes require particular mention. Available in various dimensions and shapes, these boxes assist in storing stuff and keep them secure from all kinds of damages. However, once the use of the boxes is over, they end up as waste and stay loaded up in storerooms.

How about reusing these boxes in inventive ways so that they are not just wasted? Mentioned below discover some tips by which you can reuse the old boxes:

  1. Floor protectors – Cut little round shapes of cardboard from the boxes and put them below chair or sofa legs so that there is no fear of scratch on the flooring while moving furniture.
  2. Pet bed – Make thin beds for your pet with old boxes. Put an old cushion and covers in it and your pet can nap and relax cozily there.
  3. Organizer for the car trunk – The car trunk contains many things including athlete cables, windshield washer liquid quarts of oil etc. Placing all of them in a package will keep things controlled.
  4. Re-gifting – Re-gifting is a good thought and is extremely appreciated. Cut pieces from old boxes and make beautiful thank-you cards.
  5. Laundry basket – Planning to spend in a laundry bin? Why not use old boxes for the same? Put a plastic finish within the box so that it does not get moist even if clothes are wet.
  6. Storage for kids’ toys – If you have a little one at house, you will have toys spread all over the home. Put them in a box to keep the space organized. Decorate the box well and cheer your child to put toys back in the box once they are finished with playing.
  7. Filing System – Cut pieces from cardboard boxes and create an inexpensive but stylish filing system. Arrange your file papers, photographs, instruction manuals, and other important documents conveniently.
  8. Insulation for Wires – Whether it is wire of computers or the air conditioner, they need proper insulation. Though cardboard insulation might look ugly, it is cheap and easy.
  9. Halloween Costume – We all know Halloween costumes are weird. Why not make them from unused boxes? Paint them or paste coloured papers on them and cut shapes of costumes. It will definitely be different.
  10. Playhouse for Kids – Every kid loves a playhouse. Cut it. Glue it. Paint it. Decorate it. It’s their house! They will love it!
  11. Memory Keeper – Everyone has greeting cards and letters they don’t want to part with. Keep them safe and protected and even decorate the box.
  12. Holder for Light Items – Keep losing pens, pencils, erasers, or other stationeries? Create a nice holder with cardboard, decorate it the way you like, and use it to so you never lose items again.
  13. Jewelry – Make attractive jewelry for your kids. Bangles, necklaces, rings, or even a hair band. Get creative!
  14. Jewelry box for Stocking Imitation – Junk jewelry is a favorite with all young girls and women. To keep the trinkets safe and free from tangling, make a jewelry box from used cardboard and line it with a silk or cotton cloth.
  15. Eclipse Sun Viewer – A used cardboard box can be easily utilized for making a safe solar eclipse viewer.

This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around creative uses of Cardboard Boxes.

Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes [Infographic]

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