The Craziest Pediatric Dentist is in Mt. Laurel N.J. Do you know where YOUR kids go to the dentist?

Author: Dental Auxillary Against Psychotic Dentists
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So as I was getting back into the dental field after being a mom for a year and I was jumping in with 2 feet. I was pretty desperate to find work so I accepted my first offer at a Dentist office.

The interview itself was weird. I immediately noticed her continual use of "huh?" in her sentences.

Something to the liking of "Hi, huh?, how you doing, huh? so nice to meet you huh?" She also moved very fast and roving eyes. This bitch was crazy! So I met the rest of the staff and they looked pretty normal but were eager to give ample warning. Too bad I had already accepted and would start the following week. She can never keep staff and you'll always see someone different.

RED FLAGS PEOPLE! I'm not just saying that because I got fired on my 4th day because really I was hoping for it by then. I even heard patients' parents tell me stories! While I was there a man stopped by to pick up the check that was owed to his daughter for her last workweek (It was 3 months past due).

I made her give him one because I also spoke to the staff and found it to be true. Are you kidding me! Keep your kids far far away from her, I don't know how her work is, but I saw a lot of tears that day.

She had an adopted daughter too, felt so sorry for that kid. She seemed pretty normal though thank goodness huh?


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  1. Jolene says:

    Every bean has its black

  2. Angela says:

    This is kinda hilarious. Well good luck to you. I hope you can find a new job.

  3. Benzley says:

    This is too funny, but serious at the same time. I hope she hasn't scarred any children for life and made them hate the dentist!

  4. Donny Zwingman says:

    Are there any free dental services in the Pittsburgh, PA area?

  5. Rhea Ro says:

    I have some cavities and crowns I need done. Instead of going to a professional dentist, I'm thinking of going to dental services at my local community college. Is there a high chance of something going wrong?.

  6. Natisha Mangiafico says:

    Thumbs up if "David After? The Dentist" brought you here

  7. Julius Petiet says:

    What do i do when i go to a dentist for a cracked tooth root and they want to do a root canal ?

  8. I must say this is very funny story, i was searching blogs related to dentists and i found your blog.

    Keep sharing the good stuff.

    Dr.Zack Nimri

  9. I am commenting again there was something wrong with the comment box.

    pretty hilarious stuff you have shared with us

  10. Children are never fond of dentists. Hopefully she is treating her patients better than she is treating her staff?

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