Craft A Wedding To Remember [Infographic]

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Wedding To Remember

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It is all about picking the right alternative. It is all about choosing a simple thing which would make you stand out in the crowd. Here are a few alternatives thought by Daffodil Hotel and Spa depicted in an form of infographic.

  1. Why do you need to spend a lot of money on designer envelope? You can create your own customized designer envelopes simply by taking copies of a romantic picture of you and your special one and sticking it on the envelope.
  2. You need not spend thousands of dollars on choosing a fancy wedding card. You can create a message in the bottle style wedding card, where all you need in a glass bottle, cork and a paper with invitation. To add more style, you can add some shells, sand, rocks or other things that would match your venue.
  3. A lighting effect would take a large chunk of your money. You can create lighting effect by handing tea lights from a jam jar from the branches of a tree and have an outdoor wedding.
  4. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on flowers, you can make a bouquet out of an old book.
  5. You can use bubbles as confetti or even dried herbs

Craft A Wedding To Remember [Infographic]

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Adding small touches to your wedding with your own arts and craft skills can turn a memorable day into a magical event.


Creating a beautiful invitation

The wedding invitation is your first chance to add a personal touch to your special day. Let’s make a good first impression!

    • Find a picture for your envelope’s lining.
    • Trim the picture so it mirrors the shape of the flap.
    • Glue the picture to the envelope.
    • Leave to dry.
    • Find your preferred style of bottle.
    • Write/type your message.
    • Roll up the message and tie with string or ribbon.
    • Insert message into the bottle along with any other additions.

Adding magical decorations

  1. BUNTING: Personalized bunting can make any venue yours for the day.
    • Decorate the card to suit you/venue.
    • Punch holes into the card.
    • Loop your rope through the cards making sure you have lots of excess at either end.
    • Tie/pin the rope to a secure surface.
  2. LIGHTING: If you want your guests to spend some time outside, why don’t you use jar lighting to create a Midsummer Night’s Dream effect?
    • Place tea lights into the jam jars.
    • Find/buy some wire and cut into 40cm long pieces.
    • Create a small loop about a third of the way along.
    • Wrap the remaining wire around the jam jar.
    • Twist the wire around each other at the opposite side of the jam jar to the loop.
    • Trim one end of the wire with pliers.
    • Make a handle shape with the remaining long end.
    • Wrap the end of the handle around the loop and trim.
  3. BOOK PAGE FLOWERS: Is the bride a bit of a book worm?
    • Find a book you never want to read again (obviously) and cut out 10 cm squares.
    • Fold diagonally to make a triangle, then fold again into a smaller triangle.
    • Then cut the triangle into a snow cone like shape and snip off the bottom by 1 cm.
    • When you unfold the paper it should look like a flower.
    • Next, cut 1 petal out of the first flower, then 2 petals out of the next flower and 3 petals out of the third.
    • Pull the flower together and glue in place.
    • Once dry, roll back the petals.
    • Repeat with other flowers then stick them together.
    • Largest on the outside to smallest in the middle.
    • Now, glue a stalk of your choosing to the inside of the flower.
    • Repeat these steps to create a full bouquet.

For your first steps as MAN & WIFE

  1. Confetti isn’t the only thing you can use to celebrate the ceremony… Why not use something more personal?

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The key to a memorable wedding favour is making it relate to the theme of the wedding or to YOU!

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