The Cost of Living by State [Interactive Infographic]

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In this interactive infographic, the experts at decided to compare what residents of each state spend for things like homes, utilities, college tuition, income tax, gas, healthcare, car insurance and property tax. Looking to retire? Start a family? Or just tired of how much it costs to live in your state?  You may want to consider using this interactive infographic in your research of discovering a place you would like to live.

For example, New York has the highest income tax burden in the country, at 12.8%. Illinois has the highest property taxes with New Jersey closely following. Who has the highest gas prices in the country? Hawaii at almost $4 per gallon. Wyoming has the cheapest college in-state tuition in the country.


Find out more by clicking on the state of your choice on the infographic! Whether your company is relocating you, you are looking to get out of your current location, you want to retire, or live in a more affordable part of the country, this interactive infographic will help you discover everything you need to know.   Red and brown areas have the highest cost of living and are the most expensive states to live while green to yellow are more affordable.

Information provided for each state in more detail:

Income Tax Burden: Percentage of Income Paid In State and Local Taxes

Gas Prices: Average Price for Gallon of Regular Gas

Healthcare: Healthcare Expenditures Per Capita

Home Prices: Average List Price of Homes for Sale

Energy: Average Price of Residential Electricity (cents per Kilowatt-hour)

Car Insurance: Average Annual Insurance Rate for 2013 Vehicles (Based on 75-vehicle sample)

College Tuition: Average Annual In-State Tuition and Fees for Public Four-Year University

Property Tax: Median Real Estate Tax Per $1,000 of Property

Data provided: 2013-2014

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