Cosmetic Packaging Symbols Explained [Infographic]

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Important Symbols of Cosmetic Packaging

Personal Care Packaging

It is very important to use the appropriate cosmetic packaging symbols. Keeping the end users educated about the product must be the primary aim of packaging design and with the help of these icons you can converse warnings and information without problems.

  1. Period after Opening (POA)

This shows how long we can use the manufactured goods after it’s been opened. Old products can cause skin frustration so it is always advised to tag the date when you open any product for the initial time.

  1. Further Information

This information comes helpful when you are using a fresh product. It is always essential to read the information about the product and element list carefully, if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Estimated Symbol

Estimated Symbol can be found after the quantity shown on the container. This icon shows that the product has been filled using the average filling system.

  1. Green Dot

It should not substitute the recyclable symbol which indicates what products can be recycled. This symbol is basically used to show that the business is paying for recycling and recovering the product.

  1. Flammable

This mark shows that the product must not be uncovered to high temperature nor it should be used close to an open fire.

  1. Resin Identification

Plastic containers should always be labeled using SPI resin classification coding scheme. With the help of this identification process, products can be easily recycled later.

  1. Leaping Bunny

This mark shows that the item has not been practiced on animals and a business is qualified to use this mark when they take a promise that no product is practiced on animals at any step in product manufacturing.

  1. PETA Bunny

PETA is an organization that fights for animal rights and cruelty free documentation for the companies is issued when they take the pledge that animal testing is not accomplished at any stage.

Cosmetic Packaging Symbols Explained [Infographic]


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Cosmetic Packaging Symbols Explained

It is very important to understand the symbols used in cosmetic packaging design. These symbols not only educate the consumer about the product but at the same time they help them use the product safely later. As a designer, working in packaging industry, it is important to understand these icons. Keeping the end users informed about the product should be the first aim of packaging design and with the help of these icons you can communicate warnings and information easily.

Period After Opening (POA)

European standards erquire that products with a shelf life of less than 30 months should be marked with a “best use by”date. “Period After Opening” Symbol should be used with the products which can last longer than 30 months.

Further Information

This icon indicates that further information about the product can be found in the packaging. The symbol is used when there is not enough space left on the package to include important information about the product.

Estimated Symbol

This icon is used to indicate that the product is filled using “average fill system.” This simply means you will get “X” amount of product, shown in grams or milliliters. Estimated Symbolc an be found after the amount shown on the container.

Green Dot

It symbolizes that the company pays to recover and reprocess the product. This symbol can be found alongside other symbols. It should not replace the recyclable symbol which indicates a product can be recycled.


This symbol indicates that the product should not be used near an open flame nor should it be exposed to high heat.

Resin Identification

It is used to identify the polymer type when recycling. This is very important because when recycling one product with wrong identification can ruin a batch during reprocessing. Plastic containers should always be labeled using SPI resin identification coding system.

Leaping Bunny

This icon indicates that the product has not been tested on animals and a company is authorized to use this symbol when they take a pledge that no product is tested on animals at any phase in product development.

PETA Bunny

Another symbol to indicate that the product is cruelty free and not tested on animal at any phase. PETA is an organization that fights for animal rights and cruelty free certification for the companies is issued when they take the pledge that animal testing is not practice at any phase.

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