Why Your Construction Business Should Be On LinkedIn

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Why Your Construction Business Should Be On LinkedIn

With the rise of social media as a use for businesses to enhance their outreach, more professional sites have been cropping up, tailored specifically to the business. Maybe you’re not too keen on using Facebook or Twitter for your construction site, because it doesn’t seem worth the time.

But with sites like LinkedIn, there is nothing to worry about besides business. LinkedIn’s main goal is for business professionals to connect to each other, as well as to allow users to search for any type of business they’re in need of. All in all, there are many benefits for any business to use LinkedIn.

Finding New Customers

With a construction company one priority is to search for new customers. There’s always work that needs to be done, but how do you find those people? LinkedIn allows businesses to generate new leads, leading to potential clients. The number of people who will see your business and what it has to offer on LinkedIn is higher than the number of people who learn about your business through general advertising.

Website Integration

LinkedIn allows you link your page to your own website. This way, whenever you post something to LinkedIn, users will be able to check out your website’s page, see the services offered, stay updated with what your business is currently doing, and more. This also increases the probability that your business will get calls about possible work.

Easy to use


Though LinkedIn is for professionals, you don’t have to be a professional with the site to use it. As soon as your business is registered to the site, you will be taught the basics of how everything works, and slowly work your way up into being an expert. Even if your page only has the basic information about your business, the benefits of page are substantial. Millions of people search LinkedIn everyday, and your business could be one of the ones they see.

Much-needed transparency

With LinkedIn you can make your business more relatable. Especially with construction companies, which aren’t typically seen as being transparent, it can be a help for customers to get a better, personal understanding of a business. On a LinkedIn page, your business will be able to list the groups you belong to, such as town affiliations, educational groups, etc. Especially important to construction companies, you can list the memberships your business has. You’ll be able to list what your business specializes in and what type of work you prefer to do. You can also include links to other sites, such as your own websites, social media profiles, etc.

Present yourself

LinkedIn allows businesses to upload presentations that provide more knowledge for people about what they do and how they do it. Many people are wary about hiring construction companies they don’t know because they don’t understand all of what’s included in the process. With the use of presentations, this knowledge can be passed along, making customers feel more secure in their choices when it comes to choosing a construction company.

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