Confessions of the Professions Turns One

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Happy Birthday Confessions of the Professions!

One year ago, Confessions of the Professions was an idea that was born into a vision, a reality, and a website.

Beginning as a website that solicited confessions on Craigslist from anyone who was willing to write an article for free just to complain about their job, I saw the vision of Confessions of the Professions clearly, wanting people to share their stories, their lives, and give others an understanding of how great or how crazy their lives were.  There are so many things we will do for money and so many things we will not do for money.  I was curious, as I am sure there are many others who are thinking the same thing: What do people do to make money?

Confessions of the Professions is the place for those who want to be identified and those who wish to remain anonymous.  There is something for everyone at Confessions of the Professions. Confessions from employees, co-workers, friends, families, and everyone who ever went to work and had a job that sucked – if you are one of the lucky few who cannot possibly think of anything to complain about, you are one of the rare few. If you have your story to share, you should consider writing, ranting, raving, and just getting those thoughts out to the world!  This is the place to do it!

I have probably spent countless hours listening to my siblings, friends, co-workers, or even complaining or telling stories myself of the jobs I have had, from flipping hamburgers at McDonalds and being a cook at a baseball stadium, from having a micromanager boss that gave me bad anxiety everyday, to a security company that gave me a penny raise after 4 years of working for them, to restraining patients in a psychiatric hospital, and having to hold down a spitting and biting hostile AIDS patient, to discovering a dead body when I worked in an assisted living apartment complex, to seeing a prostitute approach a vehicle on a construction site and conduct business, to walking 5 miles a day around an empty factory pushing buttons, to even hearing a dead body fart as I moved it to the morgue, to unfortunately seeing a person commit suicide by jumping out of a window, to selling alcohol and cigarettes and dealing with completely drunk and wasted homeless people trying to get their last fix before passing out, to seeing doctors and lawyers buy a drink before, after, or during their workday; all the way to taking photos of hot college girls for a job, to teaching English to students in another country. To have had great benefits of working jobs that offered great money, great benefits, free food, laxadasical environments, to awesome co-workers and really cool bosses; to working some of the worst jobs for minimum wage, no benefits, no toilet, having to use my own car on the job site with no reimbursement, back-stabbing co-workers, micromanager bosses, supervisors who let power go to their head, and other stuff that I can’t think of right now.

I have worked plenty of jobs, but I have hardly scratched the surface in understanding what people do when they go to work, how they got in their position, why they do what they do, and how they feel when they are at work – to those who love their jobs and those who hate their jobs.  While there are many jobs I will never ever work because I would not want to or I am simply not qualified, I am still curious about what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes and know about what they do when they go to work.


There are many of us who find jobs we love with amazing pay and benefits. There are also plenty of us who do what we love, but may not get paid enough money to do it, though we continue doing the job because we are passionate about what we do. There are others who hold jobs they love and the pay is just another benefit. There are also many of us who are stuck taking a job for a paycheck because there is no other choice.  I do strongly believe that everyone can have the job they want and the job they love.  They may not be completely passionate about their job, but it could be a job they like and could do for living.  While I could not tell you who started this thing called “work”, I can definitely tell you that almost everyone on this planet must go to work. Yes, there are the lucky few who are born into wealth. There are also those plenty who live off of others – receiving welfare paychecks and could not be happier. There are those who would love to work, but cannot due to a disability, age, race, or even gender, but the majority of people go to work and make money in order to afford the basic necessities of life.

I started Confessions of the Professions as a foundation for work, job, and career-related stories and articles. We work for a majority of our lives, so it is only reasonable that work shapes who we are, how we think, and who we become. The workplace is a either a great good or a necessary evil that we must all face. I had the hope that people would contribute their thoughts and confessions, in order to give people all over the world an understanding that we all go through tough times at work, that we all deal with assholes, and that most of us deal with it on a daily basis. Some of these stories and articles may serve others as encouragement and inspiration and help them to be better on the job, market themselves for a job, or understand how to get a job. While there are plenty of articles that have been contributed, there have also been some great confessions that have been passed on to Confessions of the Professions.

Whenever I talk about Confessions of the Professions, I always state “we” are thankful, “we appreciate”, or just “we” because I do feel that this website is not just mine, but there are many contributors who have made this website possible and continue to make it possible. Whenever my passion or interest starts to fade, there is always someone who comes along that suggests an idea, writes an article or confession that inspires me and picks up my energy as it was before. My vision has become an inspiration to many and I do receive dozens of emails a week thanking me for Confessions of the Professions, asking if this or that article will be good for visitors to read, or companies wanting to network or be associated in one way or another.

Confessions of the Professions could not continue without the support of you and your repeat visits.  I am very thankful to everyone who finds themselves returning to this website for moral support, for curiosity, for humor, or just for boredom.  I am no different from anyone reading this website.  I slack off at work sometimes and find myself playing a game or reading a confession.  I work a full time job, I work side jobs to make extra money, I go to the gym in my spare time, I work on writing articles and improving Confessions of the Professions. I work on other projects. Anything to keep learning, keep my curiosity satisfied, and always looking for new ideas to improve Confessions of the Professions.

Thank you for visiting! Thank you for reading!  Thank you for being a fan!  Thank you for making Confessions of the Professions!