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Confessions of the Professions Now On The Cloud

Confessions of the Professions Has Moved To The Cloud

April 11, 2017 — A long, long time ago, on a server far, far away, began a tiny force that would grow to be very powerful and influential. It all began on Shared Hosting, but it would quickly and swiftly outgrow its environment, consuming and demanding a lot of resources, and thus, it had to keep growing. Confessions of the Professions would soon be moved to a new server, which began in beta, and offered what they called an "optimized web server" which was very fast, no longer utilized the PHP platform, but rather used the much faster HHVM by Facebook. This server was known as DreamPress. It had unlimited bandwidth and allowed for nearly unlimited resources to be used. "Unlimited", by the standards of DreamHost.

While we loved DreamPress, we feel it is time to move on. We were hosted on DreamPress for nearly three years. Slightly over two years ago, DreamHost came out with a new beta service called DreamCompute and this would change the world forever. In fact, it was not that it was the newest technology out there. It was more of the fact that its prices could finally compete with the likes of Google and Amazon (AWS). People who used DreamCompute boasted about how awesome and fast it was. We were desperate to give it a try. We decided to explore this cloud server and although it took us a few weeks to figure it out, as lost as we were at times, we finally did. After running some tests, breaking things, messing around, and actually getting stuff to work, we realized it was time. Time to move on from DreamPress and on to the cloud severs of DreamCompute. We highly recommend DreamPress to anyone looking for easy VPS management. Sign up and give it a try today!

With any host, however, just like our Shared hosting, and our use of a regular optimized VPS, we have outgrown it, and we feel that we need to move on. So yesterday, we moved Confessions of the Professions over to the cloud. At first, we began with 512 MB thinking that would be enough, but the resources of the website are quite a bit more demanding than that, and so we upgraded it a few more notches, and feel comfortable with where it is at. While we did notice some downtime and lag on Sunday, and we certainly apologize, as there was an issue with the DNS propogation period, we finally got it up and running. After tinkering with it throughout the day, we feel it is smoothly running once again.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. We feel this is a better move for our contributors and our visitors moving forward. We believe that having power and control of our own server is important. We are happy to share with you our experience with the cloud, and hope you stick with us through our journey hosted on the cloud.

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