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Confessions of the Professions Displays Views of Confessions

Confessions of the Professions Now Displaying The Views of Confessions

May 5, 2017: This feature has been removed until further notice, as our cache system is not updating the amount of views correctly.

February 24, 2017 - In our effort to be transparent and as open as we can be, we always knew what confessions were receiving more visitors and views than others. Depending on what is trending for the month, specifically on Google, will determine the popularity of any confession. The headline, subheadline, and the content of the article can greatly affect how many views it could have. We also take the liberty of adding a featured image and an image, which boosts the number of views and visitors to each article by hundreds to thousands.

Without images, articles are more boring and less interesting. Even though the photos may just be random, if the images are closely related to the article, they will receive more visitors. While we do not request any images from our contributors, anything submitted with an article is always accepted and appreciated, however, we gladly select images for our contributors if they supply none. It is our own best efforts to promote articles and utilize SEO to the fullest extent.

While we can only promote articles within our own social network reaches, we do expect our own contributors and visitors to help us as much as possible. If you contributed an article, it only makes sense for you, whether you are an individual or a company to promote your own article in order to get it out there, better index it in all search engines, and show it off to your own fans and following. We gladly supply you with a great near distraction-free platform, but ultimately, how well it performs is completely in your hands, from writing unique and beautiful content, to marketing and advertising it beyond our own reaches.

Thus, in order to help you understand the type of traffic you are receiving, we have decided to display this to you. It can be found near the headline and is denoted with an eye () and to the right of it, the number of views. Shown in this area as well is the estimated time it takes to read (denoted with ) and the word count (denoted with ) of a confession. We hope this information proves valuable to our readers, our contributors, and our advertisers.

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