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The world of e-commerce is not an easy one and while many have had success, more have inevitably failed. Either it was not for them, they did not have the passion to continue at it, or they were discouraged. When it comes to the e-commerce market, competition is fierce and unforgiving, especially when you must battle with the likes of Amazon or Ebay. There are some places, however, where you can sell your own creativity, such as Etsy or Shopify. There are also more and more companies popping up that are print on demand or print on quota type places that will create and sell whatever you want pending enough interest in the product, particularly in the area of shirts and other products.

Some time ago, we attempted to sell Confessions of the Professions branded shirts (was also available in black). Unfortunately, we just did not have the popularity nor the backing to really promote those shirts. The dream of being able to have people wear our shirts had died before it begun. Although we only advertised them for about a month and on select confessions, until the promotion ran out, we generated zero interest and made zero sales. The e-commerce business is not an easy one, but luckily, this company printed shirts on demand when enough were ordered so we really did not lose any money on the deal nor did we suffer at all, other than a little time spent making photos of the shirt to put on the website.

Perhaps, shirts were not our thing. This had not stopped us from ever wanting to put our brand name on some type of merchandise because why not? This was several years ago, back when our visitors were still fairly low. While the visitors have increased, there could be a debate on whether the interest in a shirt would still stand at all. Considering that is the past, we are likely not to ever try for shirts again. We simply do not have that type of fan or reader base. Shirts can also come at a cost though if memory serves me correctly, the shirts were fairly affordable, but it was a failure.


Don’t worry. We didn’t give up and were not really crying about it. Failure is a part of life. Live and learn and attempt to see what works. That is what it is all about when it comes to e-commerce. Anyways, we are always trying new things, seeing what works and what does not. Some things are a success, while others do not go as planned, and that is totally fine.

One day, I came home from work, and the lovely woman of my life said, I have a surprise for you. I asked her what the surprise was. She then presented me with two or three Confessions of the Professions branded pens, and I loved it. It was not something I could wear, but it was something I could write with! One pen went to my mom, the other to her, and I kept the last one for myself. This pen would sit in my closet for years. Recently, I bought a house, and as I was moving out of my apartment, I saw it in there and was reminded of just how awesome this pen looks. Not only is it awesome, but I recently started using it, and it writes very well, a quality pen. Pens are definitely nice to use and show off. I wondered if I could order more.

Why not have some Confessions of the Professions merchandise out there? Luckily, a sample of my order was saved and I was able to order more, 250 more to be exact. Since this was done the old fashioned way and I am holding on to these, this is all I will be ordering for a while so consider it a limited edition. If you are a fan of this website, a contributor, or just someone who likes a good looking pen, consider purchasing your pen today. Just 250 of you will be able to hold a Confessions of the Professions pen in your hand!

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