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2016 Resolutions for Confessions of the Professions

Happy New Year 2016 Resolution Ideas


Each year, we all come up with our own personal resolutions for the new year, whether it is to lose weight, join a gym, read more books, eat better, sleep better, or finally pay off our debts. A resolution is a proposal to do or not do something, and whether we keep it or not is up to us. As we approach the end of each year, we write a Top 10 Confessions Highlights covering some of the more unique and popular articles that we and others found interesting. Last year, we wrote about our New Years Resolutions of 2015 and while many this year remain the same, we look to improve on those resolutions as well as try to add more.

As we think on what we would like to see for the year 2016, we read your emails, your comments, and we look at the trends of other websites to understand what it is people are looking for in a website, the type of content that is being created, and the type of website design that attracts the eye, which tends to shift in a certain direction every year. Fortunately, there are some designs that remain evergreen, shifting just slightly, but for the most part, remain a good design. For the most part, all of our emails from individuals and companies have been extremely positive feedback that we provide quality unique content. We are very appreciative of our contributors who ensure that happens. Without any of you, our contributing authors, none of it would be possible.

Looking into the new year, we will not be restarting our weekly challenges. However, we do have one final challenge for you, if you care to join us. Every paycheck, you will save money, and each paycheck, the money increments, so that by the end of 2016, you should have over a thousand dollars saved up. We obviously cannot force you to save money, but if you care to join us, I and several others will be trying this challenge through the new year. You can find our yearly challenge here: Bi-Monthly Money Challenge. Feel free to leave comments and let us know how you are doing!

We will, however, try to be focusing on your health in the workplace, and things you can do to be happier and more productive in the workplace. Some of our mentions from last year was our continuation of improving the Quick Glimpse feature that we offer, which is considered our “summary reader” or gives you a few highlights of the article without having to read the entire article. Every article published this year was accompanied with Quick Glimpse and almost every article we published in the past received updates for Quick Glimpse.

While we did publish several articles focused on health, we have many more articles to come that will help improve your health and might even help you lose weight while working your desk job. We have secrets and tips to lose weight while sitting at your desk! No need to set foot into a gym, or get one of those treadmill desks. None of it is necessary. You will have to stay tuned for these articles and I certainly plan to share some insight with you into my own weight loss, accomplished while working in an office at my desk.

Another thing we were focusing on through the year 2015 was continually improving our code and our servers to boost the speed performance of our website. We shaved 2 seconds off of our load time for every page load by switching from PHP to HHVM. To help you understand the load time of your page, we implemented it on to the bottom of every page, so you could see how long Confessions of the Professions was taking to load each page. At my last page load, this was the result: 45 queries in 0.898 seconds. A year ago, this was over 100 queries and at least 3 to 4 seconds. The load time does vary on your location and the speed of your Internet connection. For the most part, we believe it is generally fast loading for everyone.

In order to increase this speed even greater, while a visitor may sacrifice the interface slightly, we created an HTML cache version of Confessions of the Professions. You can view the Confessions New Years Resolution Of 2016 HTML version which will load instantly, as there is no need for the page to connect to a database or wait for the server to respond. While these HTML versions do not offer any commenting system, they provide a very basic view of the confession article. Whether HHVM or HTML is faster is up for testing, but you can see how fast both load by scrolling to the bottom of a regular confession or an HTML cache confession.  We believe we certainly exceeded in hitting our speed resolution for 2015, but additional technology may be available in 2016 and we always try to keep up with the times in terms of speed.

If there is anything that comes to mind for the year 2016 in regards to a new type of confession, we would love to start writing list confessions, in which we may come up with a topic and list Top 5 or Top 10 of whatever the topic is. While this is a goal and not anything set in stone, we welcome you, our contributors to submit these types of confessions to us. We will still continue to publish our articles, confessions, e-books, interviews, solutions, dirty confessions.

Finally, we focused in on some design changes to Confessions of the Professions, widening the content area to be more full-screen instead of half-screen like it was. We also decided to remove the border lines surrounding our confessions so everything now appears as open space. We feel this is a great design for the 2016 year!

We hope you have a safe, wonderful, and prosperous 2016 and we looking forward to your return to continue reading our confessions of 2016!




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