Confessions New Years Resolution of 2015

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We take pride in Confessions of the Professions and all those who have been contributing since its beginning.

Confessions of the Professions started off with just confessions, evolving into full-blown professional articles, integrating infographics and ebooks, adding games to deal with our boredom, and many additional helpful external resources that kept to the idea that every profession has something to confess.

It is our hope that with the new year, that you continue to enjoy Confessions of the Professions and our articles, and we hope this year you will contribute your confessions about your job, workplace, career, co-workers, or even your boss!

These are just some of the new things planned for the year:

  • Health Confessions
    • Sitting in an office all day, year after year, job after job with so much running around, with a “quick bite” to eat here and there, and “no time to exercise” can make you gain quite a few pounds over the years.
    • The “Office 10”, the “Office 15”, the “Office 30”, and before you know it, you cannot believe how much you let yourself go and how much weight you have gained! You are scared to be in photos because you know that cannot be you!
    • Your lifestyle became more sedentary, co-workers brought in bagels, cupcakes, and other snacks often throughout the week; you figured you would eat fast food during your lunch break, or for dinner on your way home, and you would sometimes get the munchies during work and keep unhealthy snacks at your desk.
      • Instead of drinking water, you opted to drink a can of soda, everyday throughout the week.
      • Instead of a piece of fruit, you ate a candy bar.
      • Instead of taking the stairs, you took the elevator.
      • Instead of parking further away from the building, you always made sure you got a close spot.
      • Instead of walking around and taking breaks during work, you sat at your desk nearly the entire time without getting up and stretching and moving around.
    • All these things throughout the years have added up.
    • You got older and you are consuming more food and not doing anything to burn it off.
    • You can now admit it: you have gained weight, and you want to do something about it.
    • Confessions of the Professions will begin a series of articles dedicated to advice and tips for helping you to lose weight.
    • Our New Years Resolution is to not only lose weight and be healthier ourselves, but to inspire new innovative ideas for you and your office to become healthier and happier individuals.
  • Challenges
    • In addition to the Health confessions and articles, Confessions of the Professions will start a weekly challenge for the individual or the entire office.
    • These challenges are designed to help you lose weight, help you change your lifestyle for the better, help make you a better person, etc.
    • There will be one challenge per week that you must do for the entire work week.
    • Every week, there will be a new challenge up. Whether you want to keep score or not is up to you. Whether the entire office wants to participate or not is up to the office.
    • These challenges are there to help you achieve your goals.
    • Challenges may include: drinking water, eating healthier snacks, walking and exercising more, and other activities to help you achieve a more healthier lifestyle while still working in the office.
    • Challenges will remain Sticky on top of the Homepage from week to week.
    • Our New Years Resolution is to bring you challenging, yet fun and interesting challenges that will motivate you towards a better healthier lifestyle.
  • Improved Quick Glimpse
    • Back in August of 2013, we introduced a feature called Quick Glimpse.
    • This feature was designed to accommodate the quick-eyed, the lazy readers, the ones who wanted a brief summary of confessions, articles, and infographics without having to read through the entire article.
    • We have made sure that all new articles come with this feature and old articles were to receive them.
    • While we have done our best to implement Quick Glimpse into every article and confession, we are still working hard to ensure that all confessions on this website have the Quick Glimpse feature.
    • Quick Glimpse is a continuing effort to provide a 3 to 5 bullet point summary of the page saving you time and getting the main points to you.
    • Our New Years Resolution is to continue writing Quick Glimpse segments and ensure that all confessions on Confessions of the Professions contain a Quick Glimpse.
  • Interesting and Unique Content
    • The topics of Confessions of the Professions are endless, unlimited, and extremely broad.
    • We will continue to deliver confessions, articles, and infographics because we love writing them, receiving them, and learning from them, especially when they come from you!
    • Our hope is to get a lot more confessions from people in the workplace, admitting to anything that goes on throughout their day.
    • If you wish to contribute, submitting a confession (or article or infographic) is completely free.
    • All that we ask is that you abide by the rules and requirements (Confessions-300 words or more, Articles-500 words or more, Infographics-200 words or more).
    • Our New Years Resolution is to continue bringing you new, interesting, and unique content in the form of confessions, articles, health confessions, ebooks, infographics, interviews, and solutions.
  • Ebooks
    • Ebooks are resources that can be downloaded online to your computer.
    • Many are offered for free, while others can be bought for a fee.
    • Ebooks are the paperless copy of a book and is often the cheaper way to mass produce online material and even make money doing it.
    • We try to offer all Ebooks for free from the materials we find interesting though some authors may require email subscription or fees.
    • We feel that this is a great bonus to infographics and offers additional bonus materials in addition to the article.
    • Our New Years Resolution is to continue delivering Ebooks to our readers.
  • Interviews
    • We started this at the beginning of the year and while we only conducted just a few interviews, we feel that these articles are quite important to really get to know a person, what they do, whether they love or hate their job, and basically what makes them tick.
    • Our New Years Resolution is to conduct and publish many more interviews in the New Year.
  • Solutions
    • We had the idea that if there were problems, there were always solutions to those problems.
    • These types of articles were to focus on taking problems in everyday life and/or the workplace and focus on finding a solution or solutions to solving those problems.
    • Our New Years Resolution is to deliver many more of these articles to you.
  • Website Speed
    • In our efforts to make sure you are always navigating through a quick and speedy website, coinciding with our Varnish Cache server and the Google PageSpeed API, we have implemented Font Awesome, removed our social media images in place of icons, replaced certain menu items with icons, and added a few helpful icons, to improve, help, and speed up your user experience.

If you have any ideas or suggestions you’d like to see, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.