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Confessions of the Professions Data for 2016

Programmatic Everywhere Data Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement

Data is something that most people need in order to understand what is going on. Data is always controversial because it can be used for the greater good or some type of bad or evil, s on what it is used for and whoever is using it and what their plans are for this data. More importantly, whatever data is collected, what exactly is being collected, and how might it be used?

For websites, data remains largely controversial, but is mostly accepted, as cookies are set, and data is collected about you, the visitor. Much of this data is impersonal and is simply added as part of a metric to understand an audience. Some people choose to turn cookies off, but most allow cookies in order to experience the full benefits of a website, as this is the best way and most enjoyable way to use the Internet. Give up some of your privacy for usage of the Internet and specifically visits to websites. The longer a website is in existence and the more visitors a website gets, the more data a website can retrieve about its visitors and make sense of this information.

If you read our privacy policy, we do make known that we do not collect any personally identifiable information about you. No, we do not know who you are personally. We cannot see you through your webcam and we do not know where you live, but several tools on our website do gather data about you through your computer, and analyze that data to understand who you are in regards to some demographics. This data is not personal and does not grab your email address, or your contact list, or any other type of information like that. This information is more about demographics and habits about your browsing on the Internet in general. This information is put into a pool of data where anything identifiable about you as an individual is lost, and we come more to the understanding of: What type of visitors are visiting our website? What do our visitors like? What do they do? Who are they? What is their level of education? Do they have children? What is their favorite foods?

All of this information you freely give to a search engine when you search for it, unless you use Incognito mode or you use a search engine like DuckDuckGo. Every website you visit is technically leaving types of fingerprints of sorts on your computer, and this data can be used to understand your Internet activity. Ever search for something in Amazon and somehow Google is showing you ads on the side or on websites for what you looked for? Ever looked for something in Amazon and somehow Facebook is showing you ads from Amazon? These are cookies and tracking codes being set on your computer about searches you made. It is just the way of the Internet and how things are kept “free” and how large companies, like Amazon, make their money. It is nothing personal, but these companies thrive on using this information about you to keep themselves in business.

If privacy on the Internet is a major concern, than there are certainly measures you can take to prevent this data from ever being tracked. But really, you are not being tracked on our website to the point where I personally know where you live nor do I really care to know where you live. I value my own privacy as well and prefer that you did not know where I lived, so I give you that same courtesy and respect in running this website. So I personally tell you that when it comes to your privacy concerns and this website, you definitely shouldn’t be concerned at all and you have nothing to worry about.

At least, not from this website, and definitely not from Confessions of the Professions. This data is reviewed about once a year to understand the type of audience we have. For example, if our audience mostly consists of adults, than that lets us know that we can publish mature content on this website. If you happen to visit Facebook or if you are logged into anything Google right now, you are being tracked and more personal data than you even know is being gathered about you. They know much more about you than I or the contributors of Confessions of the Professions do. So don’t worry! Me, myself, and all the contributors on this website actually have lives and are not rummaging through data to find out more information about you. We make our confessions and we go experience life so we can come back and write more confessions!

Anyways, we have a few tracking tools on this website to try and gather some data about visitors and put it into a summary. This demographic data that is gathered is more about your geographic location (country and state), whether you are male or female, what device you are using, what screen you are using, and then it may also predict what your ethnicity is, your education level, and even your income level, and even what things you like to buy, using analytics tools. And yes, we do know the most common keywords used to find Confessions of the Professions. We are not obligated to share this information with you, but we find it interesting, and we have nothing to hide, so why not share with you? Maybe you are interested in advertising with us. Maybe you are interested in being a contributor of information to our website. Wouldn’t you like to know the type of audience that is visiting?

Or maybe these numbers and this data will just appear useless to you.

We’ll be happy to share this information with you anyway.

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Total Comments: 3,727

Total Comments in 2016: 889

January 2016: 22 confessions, 17,637 words, 802 average
February 2016: 22 confessions, 16,964 words, 771 average
March 2016: 24 confessions, 18,286 words, 762 average
April 2016: 21 confessions, 18,158 words, 865 average
May 2016: 33 confessions, 25,872 words, 784 average
June 2016: 23 confessions, 14,994 words, 652 average
July 2016: 32 confessions, 24,391 words, 762 average
August 2016: 24 confessions, 19,407 words, 807 average
September 2016: 22 confessions, 18,868 words, 858 average
October 2016: 21 confessions, 19,333 words, 921 average
November 2016: 26 confessions, 23,364 words, 974 average
December 2016: 25 confessions, 18,850 words, 785 average

Total Confessions by end of 2016: 1,434

Total Confessions in 2016: 295

Total Words in 2016: 236,124

Total Average Words in 2016: 812

Annual Visitors for 2016: 320,000

  • Organic Traffic, referred from search engines in 2016: 200,000+
  • Paid Traffic, referred from search engines in 2016: 0

Hits for All Time: 3,000,000+

Most Popular Day: Monday

Most Popular Hour: 2:00 PM

Most Popular Month: October

Visitors visiting: Average 2 pages per visit

Maximum Visitors on Confessions of the Professions at Once: 280 on April 3, 2016 at 06:27 am UTC (1:27 am EST)


This following information pertains to the visitors of Confessions of the Professions.

Demographics Data

Male: 49%
Female: 51%

Household Income:
$0 – $52k 52%
$50k – $100k 29%
$100k – $150k 12%
150k+ – 7%

< 18 16%
18-24 16%
25-34 21%
35-44 21%
45-54 15%
54-64 6%
65+ 5%

Education Level:
No College 34%
College 47%
Grad School 19%

Children in Household:
No Kids 48%
Kids 52%

Caucasian 71%
African American 11%
Asian 5%
Hispanic 11%
Other 2%

Cross Platform:
Mobile 49%
Desktop 51%

Browser Usage:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera Mini

Operating System:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Macintosh
  • Chrome OS

Top Device Platforms:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

Top Devices:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • HTC M9 One M9
  • Samsung SM-J700F Galaxy J7
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Samsung SM-G935F Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Samsung SM-B312E
  • Samsung SM-G920A Galaxy S6
  • BlackBerry KBD

Top Channels:

  • Organic Search
  • Social
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Email

Screen Resolution:

  • 1366×768
  • 360×640
  • 768×1024
  • 375×667
  • 320×568

Shopping Interests

Chevrolet 40.86%
Ford 39.90%
Toyota 35.63%
Jeep 27.32%
GMC 23.04%
Infiniti (24.85x)
Buick (8.11x)
Jeep (6.31x)
GMC (5.34x)
Mercedes-Benz (4.45x)

Owned Fuel Type:
Gasoline 71.50% (0.77x)
Flex Fuel 11.16% (1.50x)
Hybrid 6.65% (4.38x)

Owned Year and Manufacture:
2013 30.40% (3.65x)
2003 29.69% (4.35x)
2012 26.84% (3.46x)
2009 26.60% (5.45x)
1997 14.25% (4.07x)

Owned Vehicle Type:
Car 50.59% (3.67x)
Luxury Car 34.92% (3.67x)
Truck 18.05% (1.09x)
SUV 16.86% (3.34x)
Van 15.68% (1.76x)

Packaged Goods:
Side Dishes/Prepared Meals/Produce 82.66%
Eggs & Dairy 76.48%
Condiments/Spreads/Dressings 75.30%
Household Goods 74.82%
Snacks 74.35%(1.09x)
Baby / Toddlers (2.40x)
Breakfast Foods (1.28x)
Baked Goods (1.21x)
Meat/Poultry/Seafood (1.21x)

Brands by Category:
RTE Cereal 67.70%
Salty snacks 66.98%
Meat 58.43%
Dairy and eggs 57.48%
Health and beauty 57.48%
Soap/Cosmetics (2.01x)
Household Goods (1.62x)
Feminine Care (1.49x)
Hair Care (1.38x)
Deodorants (1.35x)

Pharmacy, Health & Beauty:
Over the Counter Medicine 75.77%
Oral Care/Shaving/Skin Care 69.12%
Hair Care 58.43%
Feminine Care 53.21%
Deodorants 50.12%
Petcare (2.09x)
Baby products (2.04x)
Pain relief (1.99x)
Coffee (1.96x)
Cough & cold relief (1.87x)

Buy Style:
Premium Brands 72.45%
Home Cooking & Grilling 70.78%
Fresh & Healthy 64.85%
Quick & Easy 52.02%
International Cuisine 51.54%
Dairy Free (3.29x)
Vegetarian (1.75x)
Sugar Free (1.61x)
Gluten Free (1.58x)
Mexican Foods (1.54x)

Apparel Brand:
Nine West 47.27%
Polo Ralph Lauren 46.79%
Adidas 45.13%
Born 43.47% (4.55x)
Kenneth Cole 41.33%
Aerosoles (5.17x)
Naturalizer (4.99x)
TAG Heuer (4.55x)
Cole Haan (4.33x)

Consumer Electronics:
Apple 60.10% (1.39x)
LG 58.91% (1.26x)
Sony 56.77%
Samsung 50.83%
Nikon 48.46% (2.00x)
Toshiba (1.44x)
Bose (2.64x)

Home Goods

Furnishings & Fixtures:
Home Decor 82.66% (0.92x)
Appliances 63.42% (1.06x)
Furniture 62.23% (1.03x)

Home Improvement:
Garden 61.76% (1.03x)
Interior 60.57% (0.82x)
Tools & Hardware 59.86% (0.90x)
Building Materials 40.38% (0.93x)

Burgers 71.02% (1.06x)
Sandwiches/Subs 67.46% (1.13x)
Pizza 61.52% (1.17x)
Mexican 58.91% (1.22x)
Coffee/Breakfast 45.84% (0.90x)

Frequent Travelers 85.27% (0.97x)
Hotel 62.00% (1.16x)
Luxury Travelers 34.68% (2.70x)
Destination Theme Parks 19.71% (0.99x)

Other Retail

Children’s Products:
Walt Disney 58.43% (1.11x)
Sesame Street 42.04% (0.92x)
Fisher-Price 35.39% (1.06x)
Warner Bros. 29.45% (1.61x)

Consumer Lifestyles:
Seniors 53.92%
Working-class families 52.97%
Affluent Baby Boomers 52.73%
Healthy & Fit 51.54%
Leisure Travelers 51.31%
Indie Women (3.62x)
Pre-Movers (3.00x)
Trendy Homemakers (2.74x)
Corporate Execs (2.66x)
Green moms (2.61x)

Fall Seasonal 76.72%
Winter Seasonal 57.01%
Spring Seasonal 56.06%
Summer Seasonal 40.86%

Media Interests:
Quantico 63.42%
The Middle 57.48%
Last Man Standing 57.24%
Scandal 55.82%
The Blacklist 54.39%
Earth’s Natural Wonders (5.87x)
Fear The Walking Dead (5.19x)
Bob’s Burgers (5.10x)
Fargo (4.59x)
Minority Report (4.43x)

TV Networks:
TBS 61.05%
HGTV 49.41%
History Channel 48.46%
ESPN 48.22%
Disney 43.47%

Drama 80.05%
Adult Animation 62.47%
Family 57.48%
Political 52.02%
Medical & Emergency 50.36%

Type of Television:
Total TV 74.11%
Award Events 65.80%
History 54.16%
DIY 49.17%
News 48.69%

NFL Football 78.62%
MLB Baseball 64.85%
Nascar 34.68%
Soccer 34.44%
NBA Basketball 31.59%
NHL Hockey 12.35%

Type of Employment:
Media & Internet (2.53x)
Telecom (2.45x)
Financials & Banking 47.98% (2.36x)
Insurance (2.11x)
Software (2.11x)
Marketing 33.49% (8.26x)
Government (5.51x)
Consultants 31.59% (4.55x)
Medical (4.46x)
Engineering 37.05% (3.96x)
Construction & Engineering 63.18%
Business Services 59.14%
Manufacturing 54.87%
Real Estate 48.69%
Business Leadership 67.93%
Information Technology 38.24%

General Interests

Education & Employment (2.9x)
Food & Drink (2.8x)
Arts & Entertainment (1.8x)
Leisure & Hobbies (1.8x)
Computers & Technology (1.8x)


Movie Lovers
TV Lovers
News Junkies/Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies
Travel Buffs
Social Media Enthusiasts
Business Professionals
News Junkies/Political News Junkies


In-Market Segment

Education/Post-Secondary Education
Travel/Hotels & Accommodations
Employment/Career Consulting Services
Financial Services/Investment Services
Dating Services
Software/Business & Productivity Software
Business Services/Advertising & Marketing Services
Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones
Travel/Air Travel


Other Category

Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video
Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities & Entertainment News
Online Communities/Social Networks
Reference/General Reference/Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
News/Politics/Campaigns & Elections
Internet & Telecom/Email & Messaging
Jobs & Education/Education/Colleges & Universities
Jobs & Education/Jobs/Job Listings
News/Sports News
Arts & Entertainment/Music & Audio/Pop Music


Top Visiting Countries:
United States
United Kingdom
South Africa

Top Global Cities:
Moscow (RUS)
Saint Petersberg (RUS)
Makati (PH)
Singapore (SG)
Mumbai (IN)
New York, NY (US)
Toronto (CA)
Chicago, IL (US)
Kuala, Lumpur (MY)
Nairobi (KE)
Los Angeles, CA (US)
Delhi (IN)
Boston (US)
Bengaluru (IN)
Pune (IN)

Political Interests

Republican 20%
Democrat 31%
Independent 49%

Inactive 27%
Somewhat Active 46%
Active 27%