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Confessions Data of 2015

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As we enter into our third year of existence, it is amazing to see how far Confessions of the Professions has come. In the beginning, in our first few months, there were just three loyal visitors: My mom, my girlfriend, and Googlebot. Three years later, with some promotion on social media networks and sharing of articles, Confessions of the Professions has acquired more than just three visitors. This is the data collected over the course of 2015 for Confessions of the Professions.

In 2015, there were 350 new confessions, growing the total archive to 1,141 confessions. Confessions of the Professions received approximately 450,000 visitors with our busiest day receiving 3,000 visitors to Emergency Room Manners from Facebook. December 2015 was our busiest month with the most views and visitors. In 2013, we received around 60,000 visitors and in 2014, we received around 310,000 visitors.

Our top publishing day in 2015 was Monday with an average of confessions. Our longest streak of publishing confessions was 6 days from October 19, 2015 to October 24, 2015. Our visitors came from a total of 207 countries with the most visitors coming from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Australia. The top referring sites were and

Confessions receiving the most views in 2015:

  1. Webcam Model
  2. Happy Endings
  3. The Polish Housekeeper
  4. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sourcing
  5. The Unseen Life Of An Undercover Police Agent

People who shared our content the most in 2015:

  1. @circlecast: 245 shares
  2. @brokeblokeblogs: 109 shares
  3. @BruceSallan: 106 shares
  4. @AmitV_Tweets: 76 shares
  5. @priyayagarwal: 74 shares

The confessions that were shared the most in 2015 on social media were:

  1. Old vs. New: Redesign Your Logo [Infographic]
  2. How To Fire a Difficult Client [Infographic]
  3. Recipe for a Perfect Logo [Infographic]
  4. 2014 SEO Ranking Factors Study [Infographic]
  5. Boy Turned Blogger [Interview]

Authors who contributed the most in 2015 were:

  1. Matthew Gates
  2. Rahul Rai
  3. Alexandra Ashton
  4. William Taylor
  5. Matt Zajechowski

The most commented confession in 2015 was: Boy Turned Blogger [Interview] 

Total Comments on Confessions of the Professions: 2,837

Category Count
Articles 399
Challenges 52
Confessions 1141
Dirty Confessions 33
Ebooks 19
Infographics 340
Interviews 13
Solutions 4


Total word count of all confessions: 912,152

Average word count per confession: 799

We are very happy to see this data and share it with you. Your contributions and support for Confessions of the Professions have helped greatly to bring in these wonderful statistics. Keep up the great work!