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Confession 1500

Author: Matthew Gates
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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the author and those providing comments on this website are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of Confessions of the Professions thereof. By reading the following article, you do not hold responsible Confessions of the Professions or any contributing authors for the content of this confession. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

We Have Reached 1,500 Confessions!

1500 Posts

We definitely could have waited until we reached 2,000 confessions to write about it, but isn't 1,500 confessions another milestone? Still going strong! You keep us going! You keep us motivated! You keep emailing and sending in compliments and feedback. You keep sending in contributions of articles and infographics. Why wouldn't we keep Confessions of the Professions going? Without you, this website would not exist and would likely lose momentum, but because of you, it has reached this awesome milestone!

We know that most websites exist because of its visitors. We also know most websites fail because of a lack of visitors, but not technically because of the lack of visitors, but because the owners or the founders of the websites lose their motivation and passion or the vision for why they began the website. There is quite a bit of work that goes on behind the scenes of Confessions of the Professions, but with your continued support, we keep doing what we must do!

As you know or maybe you don't already know, the actual reason for the existence of Confessions of the Professions: It seeks to understand everything about the workplace, the driving force that makes us all go to work – beyond money; sure, money is awesome. It allows us to do things, buy things, and ultimately live a better life, but hopefully there is more to your job than just money. Many people make great money at their jobs and are miserable. Other people do not make as much money as they would like to be making at their jobs, but are content and fairly happy doing their jobs. Confessions of the Professions seeks to make the workplace better, to help you discover your passions within your jobs or careers, or to try and wake you up to do something with your life, and establish a career; to make life better for humanity, to serve mankind and understand ways to make life easier for the world, and to make work itself a more enjoyable thing to do.

Confessions of the Professions sees many of the same readers, many of the same contributors, and many, many new readers, and many, many new contributors every year. Hundreds to thousands of new names fill our email inbox every year, that we would have never been in contact with otherwise, had we not started this website. Facts and information that we would have never learned had we never even bothered to make this vision a reality. The fact that we have found so many people who understood and shared this vision and wanted to be a part of it is truly an honor. The fact that so many people still continue to contribute to this Confessions of the Professions and just seem to get it; with each and every article always getting better than the last. Very rarely have we ever had to turn away any articles because each one reads better and better.

We personally do not have the budget to advertise this website on Google Adsense or Facebook and rely solely on individuals, companies, and readers who contribute to this website to share the articles they read or write with their fans and following, and we thank everyone who does so. It could not continue be successful without you. While we have some tools that try to distribute to our own social media feeds and RSS feeds, we can only "push" the reaches of this website so far.

Everything we have done on this website, including receiving, accepting, processing, and publishing has been completely free. While we do accept donations for Confessions of the Professions, we do not personally take any money and keep it for ourselves. Donations and money made from the advertisements that you see on this site as well as the text ads are put right back into the website. Any money received is kept for the website, which sits on an optimized server to ensure it stays up and running for nearly 99% to 100% of the time. Our images are distributed through a CDN network, which speeds up image deliver and keeps them safe and secure, should anything happen to our primary server. Occasionally, when and if the site goes down and we are certainly always working to ensure that it never goes down. We work our day jobs and do some freelancing on the side for some additional income. So volunteerism is from us and from you, the contributors, and the readers, as you are the ones who keep Confessions of the Professions going.

Dory Just Keep Writing

Our vision of wanting to make our careers and the workplace, the place where we spend a good portion of our lives, with people who are technically our family, a better place, is written in the articles that are published on this website and shared with the Internet. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to Confessions of the Professions! Without you, truly, we would not reach as many people as we do. Just keep reading! Just keep writing! Just keep sharing! Thank you so much for making 1,500 confessions a reality!

Looking forward to seeing you at 2,000 confessions!

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  • As you know or maybe you don't already know, but you are the reason why Confessions of the Professions exists.
  • The actual reason for its existence: It seeks to understand what that passion is for the workplace, the driving force that makes us all go to work, to make the workplace better, to find our passions within our jobs, within our careers, to make life better for humanity, to serve mankind and understand ways to make life easier for the world, and to make work a better place.
  • The fact that so many people still continue to contribute to this website and just seem to get it and every article seems to be better than the next.
  • Keep reading! Keep writing! Keep sharing! Thank you so much for making 1,500 confessions a reality!