Compliment A Different Co-Worker Each Day [Challenge]

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Challenge of the Week: Compliment A Different Co-Worker Each Day This Week

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Everyday you go to work, you do your job, you mostly do it well, and then you go home. How do you know you did a good job? You get a paycheck. Most employers don’t realize it, but most employees need more than just a paycheck, and this is not to say that they need more money, but preferably more recognition in the form of just the mention that they did a great job during a particular day, or a company picnic or ice cream social thrown in honor of a successful month where the company came out extremely profitable.


The recognition from a boss, supervisor, or even a co-worker can make employees feel as if they are contributing to the success of the company and make them work harder to continue receiving such recognition. A lack of recognition or downplayed recognition has the opposite effect, in which an employee may lose motivation, see no reason to perform better, or simply become a detached employee who just shows up to work everyday for a paycheck. An employee who does not know they are doing well has no motivation to try and strive to do better, other than to show up and do the job in order to receive a paycheck for the work.

While no employer should ever play into favoritism, as this will lead to jealousy and envy, and nothing good can come from that type of employee mindset, employers should still recognize that all employees are responsible for the success of the company.

It does not matter if you are a boss, a supervisor, a co-worker, or you are the superior or inferior (underling) to your co-workers or boss, you may still compliment them on a job well done no matter what they did that day. If you cannot seem to bring yourself to compliment your boss, than at least give your co-workers or colleagues a compliment.

A compliment or a praise may not sound like much coming from a co-worker, but the fact that the co-worker acknowledged the good job performance or task completed is better than no compliment at all.

This will be a part of your challenge this week: Recognize the good in your team and compliment them on it. You may notice that they will start complimenting you back and this will increase employee morale and employee productivity for the overall company success.

Let us know in the comments who you complimented, what you said, and how they reacted! We would also love to know if you received any compliments back and what good things were said about you!