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The Page of Shame: Complaints About Companies

This page was inspired by RipOffReportBetter Business Bureau, and ConsumerAffairs. Most of us work too hard and we hope when we make a purchase of something, we actually get what we paid for and we expect quality of the product. Unfortunately, there are plenty of us who get taken advantage of, and there are many companies out there that are scamming and ripping off people, and getting away with it. If more people did research on the company before buying, they would know not to buy from the company, and these scam artists would not be allowed to thrive as much as they do. These companies are worldwide and are harder to touch outside of the United States.

If you worked for a horrible a company that did not give you a paycheck on time or took advantage of you, skimping you on overtime hours, or docking pay because they felt you did not do a sufficient job, we’d like to know about the company. Whether you worked for a bad company or dealt with a company that scammed you, we would like to know about what the company did to you. Please include all the information that you have available.

We cannot help you get your money back, but the purpose of this page is to provide the Internet with details about what companies you should avoid at all costs, whether you worked for them, or were just doing business with them.

Some things you should mention:

  • Company Name
  • Company Email
  • Company Website
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Location
  • Association with Company (worked for, products you bought from them, did business with, etc.)
  • How Company Wronged You
  • Please Include Dates (Month/Day/Year)
  • Any Retaliation Against Company
  • Share With The World Why The Company Ended Up On This List!

All complaints are permanent and cannot be deleted. We will not honor requests from any company to delete complaints.

Learn your lesson from these complaints and make your customers and/or employees happy.

If you do things right, you will never end up on this list.




One thought on “Company Business Complaints

  1. Company Name: Fyves Advertising Media
    Company Email(s): /
    Company Website:
    Company Phone Number: (+40) 742 758 123
    Company Location: Romania, Europe
    Company Association: Saw company known as “Fyves” advertising on Facebook for a Pink Floyd – The Moon – Limited Edition Hoodie!. The website was for a campaign to print a shirt. The campaign won and everyone was charged for their hoodies.
    Company Order/Tracking/Routing Number: N/A
    Company Wrong: After several weeks, I emailed the company on June 8, 2015 letting them know I had not received the hoodie. I received this email:

    Hi there,

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience in getting this order to you on time. Let me raise the tip of the veil a bit so you know what has gone on on our end. Like you, I really really don’t like these holdups as having happy buyers is incredibly important to me and our business.

    While your order was in the queue, we’ve had to implement a new route for shipping in order to avoid overloading our local postal service. Since 2010, Fyves has shown a month over month growth since its inception and unfortunately the postal service was not able to keep up and we had to find an emergency solution. We found our solution in using our neighbour, Germany, for the excess shipments which included yours.

    Your package was only recently shipped out by them, so receiving your item can unfortunately take up to 14 business days more. Please rest assured that I’m here if you require any further assistance. I realise that I can’t make this up to you easily, but I do hope you’ll absolutely love your order once it arrives.

    Have a very nice day.

    June went by, as did July, and now it is August. On August 1st, I emailed the company again to ask where the product was. No response.

    Company Retaliation: I have filed a complaint with my credit card company and also reported them to RipOffReport.

    Other Information:

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