Top Companies to Work For in 2013 [Infographic]

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The Employees’ Choice Awards Winners, a list of the 50 Best Places to Work, are determined using Glassdoor’s proprietary algorithm. Companies on the 2013 list must have at least 25 approved company reviews between 11/24/11-11/13/12. Company ratings are based on a 5-point scale: 1.0 = very dissatisfied. 3.0=OK. 5.0=very satisfied. For complete methodology, contact

If you could have your dream job and choose from any list of companies to work for, who would you work for? Where would you work? What would you do? Feel free to answer in the comments.

There are plenty of companies that are wonderful to work for, offering a great salary, annual raises, a 401k, health benefits, paid time off (PTO), sick days, stock options, food, general welfare of all employees, encouragement and rewards for good and productive behavior, Friday “casual days”, picnic days, holidays, a set schedule, and plenty of other benefits. These companies tend to have a higher success rate of employee happiness and satisfaction, increasing company morality, loyalty, and productivity.

There is a benefit to waking up everyday and wanting to go to work, looking forward to it, and even not minding putting in a few extra hours a week to feel like you a part of the team, and everyone works for the good of the company. These companies often make the workplace feel like home and your co-workers become your family. Companies that can develop this type of company culture are most often the most successful in customer or client satisfaction and profitability.

Unfortunately, there are other workplaces that hardly pay, offer no benefits, no incentive, no sense of encouragement other than a low-wage paycheck, often have bosses and supervisors who are bullies, backstabbing co-workers, no set schedule, unsafe working conditions, and are very stressful, and will make your life miserable, tear at your soul, and deteriorate your health.

There are plenty of wonderful employers who are not on this list and there are many who will never be known, but they do exist. Never settle for an employer who makes your life miserable. Life is hard enough. Does your work have to be too?

Top Companies to Work For in 2013 [Infographic]

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1 Facebook® 4.7
2 McKinsey & Company 4.5
3 riverbed® 4.5
4 Brain & Company 4.5
5 The Univeristy of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 4.3
6 Google 4.3
7 Edelman 4.2
8 National Instruments 4.2
9 In-N-Out Burger 4.2
10 BCG The Boston Consulting Group 4.2
11 4.2
12 Southwest 4.2
13 Chevron 4.1
14 LinkedIn® 4.1
15 rackspace® 4.1
16 Gartner® 4.1
17 Akamai 4.1
18 Shell 4.0
19 workday® 4.0
20 Cummins® 4.0
21 REI® 4.0
22 salesforce 4.0
23 citrix® 4.0
24 Trader Joe’s® 4.0
25 Slalom Consulting 4.0
26 Orbitz 4.0
27 Mitre 4.0
28 jetBlue® 3.9
29 MasterCard® 3.9
30 Agilent Technologies 3.9
31 intel® 3.9
32 HYATT® 3.9
33 redhat® 3.9
34 Apple 3.9
36 MathWorks® 3.9
37 FLOUR® 3.9
39 DIGITAS 3.9
40 biogen idec 3.9
41 Northwestern Mutual® 3.9
42 SAP 3.9
43 IKEA® 3.9
44 DOW® 3.8
45 BOEING® 3.8
47 Intermountain® Healthcare 3.8
48 Turner® A Time Warner Company 3.8
49 EATON Powering Business Worldwide 3.8
50 Starbucks 3.8



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