Here Comes Santa Claus

Roy Matoir 2m 518

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About twenty years ago, when I still possessed the vitality of youth, I signed up with a kissogram agency. One of my first gigs was to play Santa Claus to the women who worked in the human resources department of a large computer company. I was booked for 4 o’clock, after they’d come back from their departmental Christmas lunch.

In full Santa garb, and with my sack of “goodies” slung over my shoulder, I pushed the door of HR open with a loud “ho ho ho!”and walked inside. There were about six women, all pushing forty and beyond, and they greeted me with screams of laughter. I walked up to the nearest and said, “Hello, little girl. And what do you want for Christmas?” Then I gave her a quick kiss. The others, who had been sitting at their desks, looking much the worse for wear, got up and surrounded me. “Now then, ladies, one at a time. Can you get poor old Santa a chair?”

I sat them down on my lap in turn, cracking jokes with lots of double-entendres while rummaging in my sack to get their presents. Each one had a chocolate penis, and when I’d given them all out, I had the women stand in line and suck them so I could judge who had the best technique.

After a few minutes, in which I offered them advice and coaching, getting them to lick the length with the tip of their tongues and seeing how far they could push the penises into their mouths without choking, I stood up and said, “Well, you all look like experts to me, so in order to pick a winner, I have one final test.”

I ripped off my beard, with the Santa boots and suit not far behind, leaving me standing in nothing but a red sequined thong.

“Okay, ladies. Who wants to do the honours,” I said, holding my hands above my head. More screams of laughter. Then they all picked on one woman called Lisa and pushed her forward. She put a hand out, but I said, “You know the rules. With your teeth.”

Amidst more screams, she knelt down in front of me and dragged my thong down my legs. I was now stark naked in front of six women in a strange office, but my cock must have liked what was happening because it raised its head high to look around.

“So, ladies, the final test to pick a winner.”

To my total amazement, one of the women dropped down to her knees, cupped my balls in her hands and took me right into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a few times and the other women went crazy. Then the office door opened and a male voice asked what all the noise was about. Fortunately, he couldn’t see what was going on because the other women were in the way, but the interruption deflated my ego somewhat and the moment was lost. Even now, I wonder if that woman would have gone the whole way.




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