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Challenge of the Week: Give Up Coffee

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Everyone is going to hate me this week for coming up with such a challenge. This is probably one of the hardest challenges many of you will face. These challenges are meant to test your ability, help you understand your own behaviors, and make you aware of your daily activities throughout the day, and maybe give you a few new healthy ones to acquire if you wish to do so.

Coffee is the love of everyone around the world, the drink of choice by millions of people a day. Many people may take their coffee black, with milk, or added sugar. Others may even secretly add a dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream into it or a hint of vodka to spruce up their mornings and make them a little better.

The ultimate reason most people drink coffee is for energy to face another day at the office.

Coffee is the stuff most people need before dealing with anyone, even their own spouses and children. It is the first thing on people’s minds, usually consumed with breakfast, or by itself. For smokers, it is a must with their cigarettes. Coffee is the best friend of many, consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and might even be served with desert at a restaurant. Some people can consume up to 5 or 10 cups of coffee per day.

Coffee contains caffeine which usually gives people a boost and is zero calories, but adding the sugar and milk into it can certainly make it heavy in calories. Alternatives such as stevia, cinnamon, or hazelnut can be added to enhance its flavor without sacrificing it to calories, if one prefers a healthier coffee.

Coffee comes in many different flavors and can be made strong or very sweet. It can be bought in a bag or a K-cup. Many businesses have sprung up as coffee business, but in particular, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and McDonalds are some of the most popular franchises in the United States, which serve coffee.

In other countries outside of the United States, coffee is used as a social tool. For example, one may invite a friend over for a cup of coffee. After the first cup, it is a good sign if they offer another, but if no second cup is offered, it usually means you’re company is no longer necessary. Many deals, such as a car sale, may be made over a cup of coffee. An interested buyer may invite the seller of the car over for a cup of coffee. If a second cup is offered, the buyer is usually interested and wants to hear more about the buy and the car. If no second cup is offered, there is no interest in buying the car.

Coffee has that relationship where you either love or hate it. There usually is no in between and there are many other people who cannot stand the taste of coffee. This challenge will not be hard for them. For everyone who absolutely loves coffee and cannot live without it, your task this week is to give up coffee, and find an alternative, such as tea, water, or warm milk.

Unfortunately, for those coffee addicts, you may find yourself unable to do this challenge, as you will find yourself more irritable, less patient, and angry at the world because you did not have your coffee. Try it and see if you can get through the week without coffee.

Let us know how you did!




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