Clubs and Bars: Adopting Safety Measures For Women

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Keep Women Safe In Your Bar or Club

Angel Shot

For many people, the bar or a club is a place they go to meet people or just have fun and hang out. Sometimes they meet their friends for a “Girl’s Night Out” or a “Guy’s Night Out”, other times they agree to meet someone there for a date. If not that, the bar or club usually has a series of random people there, who are looking for a potential mate. With the introduction of web apps like Tinder and PlentyOfFish, it has become very easy to meet people anywhere at anytime. While it has made life easier to see who you are meeting or potentially dating, most of these apps do not come with any security screening, which means that anyone and everyone can easily sign up.

Most people are from all walks of life, typically looking to meet and hook up with someone. Without the additional screening that often comes with pay sites such as and, there is no way to tell exactly what the background of that person is, and you have to pretty much put your trust in each other that you will be nice to each other and not harm each other. If it works out, great. If not, that is the reason why “plenty of fish dot com” exists. There are times, however, where the person is potentially dangerous, or at least there are signs or red flags that make the other person aware that this is not a good situation, and they need to leave it now. How does one exactly do that? Get up and leave? It is not always easy to do.

The idea of a “wing man” or “wing woman” is great for helping people meet someone new, but what about when it comes to a “wing rejection man” or a “wing rejection woman”, to let your date know that you are just not interested in them. Yeah, that doesn’t seem to exist, though many people might give signals to their friends, if they are present, to help out; but otherwise, there is really no help in that area at all. The person themselves must turn the other person down and deal with any awkward consequences. For the most part, most logical people get it: “Hey she’s not really talking to me, she’s not really paying attention to me, she’s more interested in everything else than me, she must not be into me. I should move on. She even told me she was out for just a fun night and looking to meet new people.” For many men, this is the end. Game over. Don’t call her. Don’t bother her. Don’t even remember that she exists. Move on with your life. Unfortunately, not every man or woman gets the hints, and will keep on being persistent, about the continuance of the date, despite the obvious signs, or think it is actually going somewhere, while the reality is that it isn’t, and the person just wants to be left alone, really. Sometimes the offending person just doesn’t get it. What can someone do?


A bar in St. Petersburg, Florida came up with a great idea for a woman (men too, but for the most part, this applies to women): Alert the bar staff by ordering a special drink that you need help to get out of your current situation. While the bar claims very few have ordered this special drink, it is still nice to know that the bar is watching out for the woman’s (or man’s) security. Most bars and clubs should get their message out to women and men by hanging signs in the bathroom about this special drink.

For the bar in St. Petersburg, they placed the sign in the bathroom that reads:

“Are you on a date that isn’t going well? Is your Tinder or Plenty of Fish date not who they said they were on their profile? Do you feel unsafe, or even just a tad bit weird? If you feel any of these things on your date, order an ‘Angel Shot.’”

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No More Date Troubles

Ask for Angela. (Ask for an Angel) This will alert the bartender or bar staff that you need help to get out of your date. Whether you are in danger or not, this will let them know that you are just not having a good time and you need some help to escape the situation. There are several different ways to order the drink which lets the bar staff know what you want to do about your situation.

  1. Ordering an Angel Shot “neat”: You will be escorted to your car by a staff member.
  2. Ordering an Angel Shot “on ice”: A staff member will call an Uber or Taxi for you.
  3. Ordering an Angel Shot “with lime”: A staff member will notify the police.

A club or bar can make up other signals at their own discretion, but it is always good to let customers know what they need to do in order to signal staff for help by posting the exact phrases up in locations that are obvious, but not so obvious—the bathroom being the best place.

This drink should not be ordered casually and should only be ordered if you need help. This will also help you to come up with a great excuse to rid your date without feeling too awkward, as bar staff members may be more trained to accommodate such situations, rather than making a big scene about it. This is solely dependent on the how the bar or club trains their staff.

This is a plea to all bars and clubs: Adopt a policy to help men and women who need to get out of a bad situation. Just like you need to stop serving alcohol to an overly-drunk customer and ensure their safety and the safety of others by not letting them drive drunk, you need to come up with ways to better protect your customers, no matter what, as once they enter into your bar and purchase a drink, they are now your responsibility.

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