City Internships Announces New 2016 Summer Scholarship Competition

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City Internships

Santa Monica, CA, March 25, 2016
City Internships offers four students scholarship places on prestigious Global Internship Program

Leading internship program provider City Internships announces the launch of a new student focused initiative, the 2016 Scholarship Competition, offering scholarships towards the summer Global Internship Program.

“Are young people prepared for work? 70% of educators say, ‘yes’. Less than 50% of young people and employers agree.”* The path from education to the workplace is broken and City Internships is working to bridge the gap.

City Internships provides immersive career training programs for college students and recent graduates. The Global Internship Program is designed to expand your horizons and get you job-ready. On top of hard and soft skill building at weekly career seminars, workshops and networking events, students undertake an internship placement at one of City Internships’ partner companies. Students develop real-world skills, build their professional network and enhance career readiness.

Taking place over eight weeks in late-June to mid-August, the program is in its fifth year. Students can join the program in London, Los Angeles, New York or Sydney this summer.

This summer, offering the chance of participation in the program to all, the company has announced the launch of a 2016 scholarships competition, giving four students the chance to win scholarships for the aforementioned Global Internship Program, each worth $4,450.

Each individual place has its own competition directed at students looking to gain an internship in that specific field, asking students to complete a relevant task to show their understanding, commitment and enthusiasm to the subject area:

Banking and financial services, A virtual investing competition

Marketing, advertising and PR, Creation of a video on campus life

Entrepreneurship, Produce a short business plan for investors Design, Design project to promote brand awareness

The scholarships are an opportunity for anyone interested in a free spot on this year’s summer program. The Global Internship Program includes an eight week placement with a leading company, career seminars, skills workshops, networking events, social events, weekend excursions, local mentorship, and an optional accommodation package.

On the program, students may intern in one of the following industries; Banking and Financial Services, Art, Fashion and Design, Marketing, Advertising and PR, Consulting and Professional Services, Entertainment, Media and Journalism, Law and Politics or Technology and Engineering.

Alex Townley, Global Head of Marketing at City Internships, said “this is an excellent opportunity for students interested in bridging the gap between their investment in education and the working world. With 65% of program participants hired in full-time employment, the Global Internship Program is an ideal way to boost career prospects and earning potential, either mid-way through college or once graduated.”

The deadline for entry to the 2016 scholarships competition is March 30th.

*Findings from the latest McKinsey on Society article discussing Tackling Youth Unemployment:

About City Internships:

City Internships provides immersive career training programs for college students and recent graduates, with each program being designed to expand the student’s horizons while getting them ready for a job. The program teaches hard and soft skill building at weekly career workshops, seminars and networking events and students engage in an internship placement at one of the company’s partner organizations. Students develop real-world skills, while building their professional network and fast-tracking their career.

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