CI Announces New Global Accelerator Program For 2017

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The accelerated learning provider launches new experience for students and recent graduates


Los Angeles, January 12, 2017 – CI, the accelerated learning provider, launches a new summer Global Accelerator Program. Designed for students and graduates looking to enhance the value of their college education, the Global Accelerator Program presents the necessary skills, work experience and links to employers for students to launch a rewarding, lucrative career in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing, Coding & Design or Business Development & Sales.

Offered in three cosmopolitan cities in summer 2017; London, New York and Los Angeles, the program offers participants a two-week intensive course in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing, Coding & Design or Business Development & Sales, followed by a high-impact six-week internship in their chosen field. The Global Accelerator Program also includes access to CI’s Career Navigator Series (8 units of career seminars and workshops designed to inspire career direction), Future Leaders Series (likened to a mini-MBA, 8 units to train students to behave and think like a leader), group activities such as regular happy hours, networking evenings and trivia nights, and travel outside of participant’s chosen city on a weekend retreat.

Designed for students, recent graduates or career-changers that have firmly select a career field and wish to accelerate their career trajectory within the field, the Global Accelerator Program delivers a comprehensive grounding in one of four industries for selected participants, in just eight weeks. The Global Accelerator Program will be limited to just 50 spots per city.

Since its inception in 2011, CI has successfully launched and run the Global Explorer Program, which in five years has garnered over 1,000 alumni, seen 65% of its graduates hired by their internship host company and proven results with alumni enjoying 30% higher salaries than their contemporaries and on average, hired three times faster.


Now, launching the Global Accelerator Program, Founder and CEO, Lewis Talbot states “I launched CI to transform the education-to-employment journey. Our aim is to provide the current generation of students and recent graduates with improved career direction, links to potential employers and the skills that employers need. Our new program caters for individuals that have chosen to pursue a career in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing, Coding & Design or Business Development & Sales, and gives them a complete grounding on the subject before their knowledge is put to use and battle tested in a six-week internship. We look forward to an exciting year ahead with opportunities for all.”

Backed up by the McKinsey & Co’s report, ‘Education to Employment: Designing a system that works’, the study explores the problem that CI hopes to solve; the disconnect between education and the working world. In the report, when asked the question ‘Are graduates well prepared for work?’, 70% of educators responded ‘yes’, while fewer than 40% of employers responded with the same answer. The evidence of the disconnect is clear. Students must be proactive to improve their employability and CI’s programs give students this opportunity.

The application process is now open for CI’s spring and summer programs. To apply, interested students and recent graduates should visit Due to large subscription of the Global Explorer Program, interested parties are advised to submit their application at the earliest opportunity, prior to the application deadline of Feb 10th, 2017.

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CI is an accelerated learning provider offering private post-secondary, non-degree granting, full-time immersive in-person courses that combine intensive classroom-based workshops and seminars, practical work experience-based training and a link to potential employers.

For students and recent graduates, CI’s programs provide the skills, experience and links to employers necessary to launch successful careers in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving employment landscape.

  • Global Explorer Program (launched 2011):
    • Offered in London, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Paris, Austin, Sydney, and Hong Kong.
    • Eight-week immersive internship, Career Navigator Series, Future Leaders Series, Group Activities & Travel.
    • Internships available in Banking & Financial Services, Marketing, Advertising and PR, Consulting and Professional Services, Technology and Engineering, Entertainment, Media and Journalism, Law and Politics,Art, Fashion & Design, Charities, NFPs & NGOs, Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship.
  • Global Accelerator Program (launched 2016):
    • Offered in London, New York, and Los Angeles.
    • 2-week intensive course and six-week high-impact internship in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing, Coding & Design or Business Development & Sales.
    • Career Navigator Series, Future Leaders Series, Group Activities & Travel.
      • Prices for participation range from depending on program type.



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