Christmas Incident

Rohit 1m 297

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This incident dates back to Christmas Eve in the year 2010 while I was working for an IT based company. As the tradition had been that year also we had plans for the Christmas and it involved an uphill trip (to the nearby Hill station Shimla). As our company was still a start-up so we were just 10 employees but many had their families and friends tag along totaling the total number of people on the trip to 27.


From somewhere within the group an Idea popped up that we dress one of our colleagues as Santa with complete dress including Red dress, fake beard (using cotton) and we shall roam in the streets and markets of Shimla distributing sweets and surprising kids. Also there is one famous Church right at the ridge in Shimla so we also decided to go pray there and seek the blessings of Jesus. Naturally all who visited the Church were lighting the candles as well. However owing to sheer negligence our friend who had dressed as Santa without realizing also went to light a candle and his beard i.e. cotton accidentally caught fire.

Suddenly there was complete chaos within the Church and all the people started running here and there. Thanks to the reflexes of one kid (around 12-13 in age) who was not from our group and was there in the church our friend was saved as the kid splashed water on the fire from his bottle. But this incident did not dampen our spirits, instead we shared the joy of Christmas that year gifting chocolates and other small gifts to kids all day long. Not to forget we also dressed the kid who saved our friend as a mini Santa and he also was a part of our enjoyment that day.