Choose A Different Road [Challenge]

Matthew Gates 2m 411 #differentroad

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The Same Road Will Always Lead To The Same Place

Man Walking Down Road Alone

Everyday is the same routine, get up, do your thing in the bathroom, eat some breakfast, rush off to work, school, or wherever it is you go all day long. Day in and day out, always the same, with a few minor blahs happening here and there, but mostly, the same story told over and over again. After a while, unless you really love your lifestyle and your job, it can be a mundane boring routine. Not this week though.

This week, you are going to do something different, each day, whether it means sleeping in later, taking a day off, or having the uncommon morning or shower sex, it is time to make your life exciting again, start those goals you have been talking about since January. Whether you want to lose weight today, take up a new hobby, start a project, finish a project, or whatever the case may be, do something out of the ordinary.

Instead of claiming that life is boring, which it is not, find something entertaining. Find a new movie on Netflix. Start a new non-annoying habit. Make your life worth living and waking up to every day. Look forward to finding that new road you are going to travel down today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week. This is your life and your world so make it worthwhile by doing something really exciting that you normally would not do.

We, as humans, do not get to say that we are bored. Do you know how an ant or bee colony functions? Did you know your dog understands you? Did you know your cat understands you too, but doesn’t care? Did you know that you are part of human history? Do you know that this life is your life and you get to choose how you want to live it, once you are an adult, of course. Anyways, if you want to see change in your life, make it happen. Stop just talking and stop making excuses. Do something amazing. Climb a mountain. Go to the gym. Get up at 5am and work out. Go see a movie. Stay up past midnight and act like you and your spouse are teenage lovers under the covers. Change yourself today. Change whatever you need to in your life to make it fun, exciting, and interesting again.

Challenge yourself to a new and different road this week.