The Changing Face of UK Energy [Infographic]

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The Production And Usage Of Energy Is Evolving

UK Solar Wind Energy

The way UK produces and uses energy has evolved drastically over the course of time, and it’s no secret. There has been a constant debate over these drastic changes, in the nation’s press, but sometimes the bare facts of how the country produces and uses energy, gets lost in these discussions.

Our infographic “The Changing Face of UK ENERGY” showcases the current energy situation in the UK. For starters, Coal, once provide the vast majority of the United Kingdom’s power, yet in 2015, coal was overtaken by renewable energy, which, for the first time contributed one quarter of UK’s electricity.

The important message to take from the infographic could well be the rise of renewable energy in the UK Energy market, since the push by governments for green energy has led to mighty increase in the number of renewable energy sources being put to use.

Another important issue is how this energy is being used, we have looked at which sectors use the most energy. Transport sector is the with maximum use of energy at 38%, followed by domestic usage at 28%.

This infographic also covers where the money you annually for the energy usage is actually going. We have also compared energy usage in the UK with the US. For more details, take a look at our infographic.


The Changing Face of UK Energy [Infographic]

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The way the UK produces and uses energy is evolving.

Final energy consumption by fuel 1990 – 2014

Overall energy consumption has been dropping since 2005, while renewable energy usage continues to increase

How the UK has been adding capacity to its electricity generation

How much of its energy does the UK actually produce?

Net Imports 45%
UK Production 55%

Energy use by sector

Transport 38%

Domestic 27%

Industry 17%

Services 13%

Other 5%


2015 saw wind, solar, and bioenergy supply a record 25% of the UK’s electricity.

Renewable energy produced by country

England <40,000 GWh

Wales <5,000 GWh

Scotland <18,000 GWh

N. Ireland <3,000 GWh


Energy bills: where your money really goes

How we use energy in the home

A comparison between US and UK residential power usage (%)

Entertainment US 29% UK 25%

Heating US 9% UK 19%

Water Heating US 9% UK 4%

Refrigeration US 8% UK 13%

Cooling US 22% UK N/A

Lighting US 14% UK 15%

Cooking US 2% UK 12%

Washing US 5% UK 12%


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