Categories on Confessions of the Professions

On Confessions of the Professions, there are 4 primary categories:

  • Confession
    • A confession is a non-formal article confession written unprofessionally or professionally, used for venting or ranting, complaining, or complimenting anything, and may include slang language or cursing
    • Confessions often contain no less than 300 words
  • Article
    • An article is formal article confession written professionally, used for sharing and contributing knowledge, used by companies or individuals to release information to the Internet
    • Articles often contain no less than 500 words
    • While cursing is allowed in articles, for the most part, it is highly recommended to keep articles formal
  • Infographic
    • An infographic displays an image with detailed information about a particular subject
    • Infographics must include a 200 to 300 word summary article
    • Infographics may be formal or non-formal
    • Please note: Infographics take slightly longer to publish, as the information within the graphic is written out as a text-friendly version on our website
  • Ebook
    • An ebook is a downloadable PDF that contributes knowledge of any particular topic
    • Ebooks must include a 200 to 300 word summary article
    • Ebooks may be formal or non-formal

There are 4 subcategories:

  • Dirty Confession
    • While “graphic visual porn” is not officially allowed on the website, a dirty confession contains content that is deemed erotic or romance language
  • Challenge [2015 only]
    • Challenges are no longer officially accepted as a “challenge” and are now deemed articles
    • In 2015, it was a goal of ours to run a weekly challenge for 52 weeks to our readers to participate in good habits of doing something other than the norm
    • Any challenges submitted will be considered as articles
  • Interviews
    • Interviews are often conducted by us to understand individuals and their workplace
    • Interviews may be conducted by you and submitted us for publication
  • Solutions
    • Solutions are articles that contain a problem and a solution to help readers in their everyday lives with common issues, on the Internet and in everyday life